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Week Beg. 6/4/2020 Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays

We won’t be setting home learning over the Easter holidays. However, we have created some fun activities you could complete in the holiday. You can download the lists at the bottom of the page (Easter Tasks, Holiday ideas, More Rainbow art, Easter quiz, Rabbit/Egg art). Home learning from the last two weeks will still remain on the class page, should you wish to access it.

  • There will be no Spellingframe, TT Rockstars, or Matheletics set but by all means still go on them if you would like to practice!
  • Optional Daily Diary- for those of you who like to keep busy- you could write a daily or weekly diary entry if you want something to do.  You will look back when you’re older at this pandemic- so you may want to write about what you did and how you felt during this time.

Diary Entry -Success Criteria:


  • included an introduction to set the scene and create atmosphere
  • used adventurous vocabulary to describe the places where the events take place
  • written in the past tense
  • used personal pronouns: I, we, my, me
  • talked about important events


  • talked about feelings, reaction and opinions from your point of view 
  • used time conjunctions (e.g. beforeafteraswhenwhileuntilsince)
  • used paragraphs to organise the events
  • used inverted commas to quote direct speech


Feel free to read Viking Boy- from the beginning.  Just be prepared to go back to chapters later on if needed.

We hope you all have a pleasant Easter.  We know some of you will be finding this whole situation a real challenge and very unsettling. We know that you are missing all your friends, family and freedom (and hopefully school too)- like we are too.  Please hang in there- and keep positive.  Be good!  Stay safe!  Keep smiling!

Sending you all lots of Easter love and hugs. 

Love Mrs Shotliff and Mrs Aspray xxx