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Week Beg. 4/5/2020 Home Learning

Hello Buzzards, 

All your learning for this week will be on this page.  This maybe easier to see the whole week - so that you can plan your time accordingly.  Have a look at all what has been set and complete a timetable for the week before you start your learning. 

Please find attached below the weekly Maths and Weekly English Planning attached as documents too if easier to view/print off.

English:- please look at attached planning for extra work/extension work if needed

All Beowulf resources are below too.  



English Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Beowulf writing task.- all resources attached below!

Main Out:  To write a biography about Beowulf

Please make sure you read all the book before you start this writing unit


Monday- 4/5/ 20

LO: To be able to identify key features of a biography.


Read Biography of King Alfred the Great (resource 7a).

Make sure you understand all vocabulary – use a dictionary if needed.

Look at biography feature list (resource 7b)

Can you identify all the features in the biography about King Alfred?

Look at Resource 7C- Biography Openings.  Could you change some of the openings in the biography about King Alfred?  Which ones are more effective-why?  When would you use the different openings?

What other biographies have you read/written?


Tuesday- 5/5/ 20

LO: To take notes and plan a biography.

Using the Beowulf books you have- jot down key notes about what you have read about Beowulf and his life-

Resource 8a (easier) or Resource 8b- (trickier) take notes about Beowulf’s life. 

Success Criteria: I can write in note form, I can include key facts about Beowulf’s life, I can jot notes down in correct sections (chronological order), I can include openings I want to use

Wednesday- 6/5/20

LO:  To draft a biography about Beowulf

Using the notes you jotted down yesterday- put the notes into full sentences/paragraphs/sections.

Use resource 7b (biography check list) to help you organise your biography

Use resource 7c- Biography openings to help you open your sentences/paragraphs

Edit, up-level and check spellings in a dictionary.

Use biography check list to ensure you have included everything.


Thursday- 7/5/20

LO: To publish a biography

Re-read the biography you drafted yesterday.  Make sure you are happy with it. Is there anything you can add/improve/up-level?. Edit!

Write up your biography in neat.  Are there any images/pictures you could include?

Using the Biography check list- tick off all the features you have included



Friday – 8/5/20- VE DAY – Public holiday

Catch up day if needed.

Complete your biographies in neat if you haven’t already done so.

Complete the VE reading comprehension if you haven’t already done so.

If you have completed everything and you want something to do- then do  comparison lesson or the extension lessons on attached document below. 


Homophones (lesson 1)- Rule 48











Please make sure you know the definitions of these homophones!


Monday- 4/5/ 20

 Practice spellings Rule 48

Tuesday- 5/5/ 20

 Practice spellings Rule 48

Wednesday- 6/5/20

Play games Rule 48

Thursday- 7/5/20

Play games Rule 48

Friday – 8/5/20- VE DAY

Do Test  Rule 48


We are combining different White Rose resources this week, as I feel the children are amazing and will be able to work through it. However, if it is too much for them, please stop.

Please use the link and I will include what days to do and when in the table.

  1. Please go to
  2. Click on Summer Term Week 1 for lessons in bold, and Summer Term Week 2 for underlined lessons.

I have also linked Mathletics (as best as I could!) to the same skill that they will be doing with White Rose. There are also extra daily challenges which you can complete, linked to what you have been learning. 


White Rose





Lesson 1 - Adding decimals within 1

Lesson 4 - Adding decimals - crossing the whole


Are you ready

Adding Decimals



Are you ready

Adding Decimals

Navigate the Number Maze

Mathletics Explore



Lesson 1 - Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

Lesson 3 - Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places

Adding Decimals 1

Mass addition

Capacity Addition

Adding Decimals 1

Estimate Decimal Sums 1


Adding up, arithmagons

Mathletics Explore



Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals within 1

Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places

Subtracting Decimals 1

Missing Values Decimals

Subtract Decimals

Estimate Decimal Differences

Mathletics Explore

Solve the zig-zog logic fog



Lesson 4 - Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places

Friday Maths Challenge (1)

Subtracting Decimals 2


Subtract Decimals 1


Mathletics Explore

Square number puzzle



Bank Holiday-

catch up if needed 




TT Rockstars:  Continue working hard on this- I was so proud how so many of you have been challenging yourself!- Keep this up!  20 garages set!

CGP mental maths workout - work through the different sections 

VE Day- planning

Please also see attached VE day activity sheet and decoration sheet- you may want to look at these before VE day on Friday 8th May so you can plan as a family what you can do. 

some further bunting templates/colouring can be found on:

Reading Comprehension:

Please do the VE reading comprehension this week (before Friday so that you have an understanding of VE day.  Please choose which one you will be doing: 1 star, 2 star, 3 star (try and do the ones you do in class) or challenge yourself with 3 star.  All attached below as one document with answers. 


Please also find attached VE art tasks- which has a few steps to it so you may want to start it earlier on in the week.  This week's art has been inspired by Mrs Wood.  Have a look it is a great piece of art for VE day!

French and music lesson will be attached ready for Tuesday 


Continents of the World

Learn about the seven continents and five oceans of the world and how to map them using a globe and an atlas.

Create a Fact File about the different continents of the world. 


Mixing, dissolving and separation

Learn about mixing and dissolving and separation.

This lesson includes:

  • two video showing how to mix and dissolve and also how to separate out mixtures
  • two activities to help reinforce learning

Please send pictures of the experiment!


*NEW* Weekly PE Challenges - can you compete with your family to see who can achieve the best? Look at the document attached: Challenge 1 Agility Sock Ladder Run.

Please send pictures or videos to Miss West ( so we can create a montage of our skills to put on the website.

This will also be on the PE webpage, if they need more information.

Please find attached the P.E letter, activity ideas and challenge 1 for this week. 

Friday's Fun Challenge

Attached below - I know a few of you who would love this challenge (those who used to make paper aeroplanes in the class) 


Extra learning/tasks- please do packs given in your packs (apart from CGP grammar/punctuation)