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Osprey - YEAR 5

Welcome to Osprey Class


Mrs Dunn - 
Class Teacher 
Mon - Tues
Miss Wells -
Class Teacher
Wed - Fri
Miss Nother - 
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Smith -
Teaching Assistant








Welcome Year 5 2023

Thank you to those parents who managed to come to the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting this morning. It was lovely to meet you all. If you were unable to make it the PowerPoint that was shared is attached to this page. 

The children were very excited to see you and invite you into their new classroom. They enjoyed designing their Greek vases and were proud of the end results. 



Dogs Trust Visit

On Thursday, Osprey class became 'Dog Detectives!' for an exciting and very interesting workshop. Vicki from the 'Dogs Trust' was in school to delivery workshops on 'Behaving Safely Around Dogs'. During the workshops, Vicki told us all about the work of the Dogs Trust, how they look after dogs, re-home them into suitable families and help owners care for their dogs. She also taught us how to behave safely around dogs to ensure that we stay safe as well. We learnt loads! We learnt that dogs don't like hugs because hugs are for humans. Dogs prefer to snuggle up to you instead. We learnt that if a dog is running up to us, we should throw away any food or toys we are holding, cross our arms over our chest and look away (our superhero shield). We should not run as the dog thinks you are playing and will chase you. 

This was a great workshop and we really enjoyed it. 


We had a great morning making the filled pitta breads the children had designed. The air was rich with the smell of olives, halloumi, tzatziki, houmous, feta and more! The children carefully cut, grated, chopped and assembled their ingredients and then carefully wrapped their finished pittas ready for tasting after lunch. 

Thank you so much to our parent helpers - we couldn't have done it without you.



Remote Learning - Day 1

Maths: Maths lesson on multiple and factors 

English: Lesson on subordinate clauses and complex sentences

Reading: Have a go at the reading comprehension at the bottom of the page. Remember to read the text very carefully before writing your answers to the VIPER questions. 

Science: Lesson on the solar system

Remote Learning Day 2

Reading: Have a go at the reading comprehension called A Bottled Mystery at the bottom of the page. Remember to read the text carefully before you answer the questions. 

English: Grammar focus! Use the Greek Gods Grammar Pack at the bottom of the page and show us your knowledge of verbs, nouns, sentence types, tenses and more. 

Maths: Complete the White Rose sheet below (Y5 Autumn block 2), using your mental strategies. This video link may help.White Rose Video

History: We would like you to draw on your knowledge and understanding of Greek Gods and Goddesses, using this video from Oak Academy to help you.  Oak Academy Video

Now, choose a Greek God and create a poster about them, describing their family, where they lived and what their role was.