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Nightingale - YEAR 2

Home Learning!

Friday 22nd May

Good morning everyone.  This will be your last home learning for a week as next week is half term.  The weather is looking great so you will be able to enjoy the sunshine.  Thank you to everyone who is working so hard, following this page or adapting it to suit your needs.  It is so nice to hear from so many of you with whatever learning you are doing.  Today, we are staying with the UK and when you take holidays in the UK, there's always one thing on your mind........THE WEATHER! Especially if you are camping!

UK weather: More heavy rain expected - BBC NewsCamping In The Rain Tips, Checklist and Things To Do!

Today's learning is all about the weather!

Reading Activity

Spotting a Tsunami 
Before a tsunami strikes, eagle-eyed scientists can spot
a few warning signs which may help to save lives. An
earthquake can be a warning of a tsunami; tsunamis
can cause the ground near the coast to shake for more
than twenty seconds at a time and may cause the ocean
to pull backwards, leaving bare sand where the sea used
to be. There may also be loud, booming noises with no
apparent cause. However, it is not just humans who can
take notice of these warning signs. Around the time that a
tsunami is about to strike, animals can be seen behaving
strangely or beginning to leave the area.
If any of these signs are spotted, you must immediately
move away from coastal areas. Make your way to higher
ground as quickly as you can – do not stop.

1. Find and copy two ways that the author tells the
reader to act quickly if they spot a tsunami.

2. What are two warning signs that a tsunami
could be about to strike?

3. Why might someone be tempted to stop on their
way to higher ground?

4. Who do you think that this information is for?
Explain your answer.


There are other reading comprehensions similar to this to download for free.


Writing and Geography Activity

Watch this but whilst watching, look out for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and other places mentioned.  Can you remember this from Wednesday?

With all YouTube clips, please monitor your child throughout.

Here's where the fun begins!  Today you are going to be a weather forecaster.  You are going to write a script for the weather, making sure that you mention all 4 countries that make up the UK.  You could mention Poole, tell Miss Reid what the weather is going to be like for her family in Nottingham.  Maybe your grandparents live somewhere else and you might like to give them a mention.  Now I want you to use your script to be a weather person on TV.  The easiest way to do this is to get a weather forecast on the TV and pause it and use that or print off a map of the UK, label it, add some weather pictures and use that.  TV presenters dress smartly for the weather reports so you could do that too!  Video your weather reports and send them to us - we may even pick a winner!  The weather on this report does not have to be real for today but when you point to the places on the map, that has to be accurate.

Please do not over think this - use what you have at home.  I will put a printable map of the UK at the bottom of this page.

Have Fun!


Art Activity

We all know that the weather changes with the seasons.  Can you draw 4 trees to show what happens to the trees in each of the 4 seasons?  Be creative- You could chalk a different tree on 4 paving slabs, paint them, collage them.......what you use is entirely up to you!


Fun activity

Play the weather game:

I have put a printable version at the bottom of the class page.


Please remember all your ongoing online learning.  Have an amazing week, enjoy the sunshine but stay safe.  

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team xx



Thursday 21st May

It's Thursday - you know what that means!  French and music!

French economy shrinks 6% in Q1: Bank of France

Does anyone know what this is?

The Best Resources for Royalty Free Music to Use for YouTube Videos

What is your favourite song EVER?  What are Mum and Dad's favourite songs?

Please find the activities for french and music at the bottom of the page.  To get sound on the french activity please use  le monstre jaune powerpoint not the pdf one.  Any problems, ping us an e mail.

As always, I feel we give you a lot of work with this page and all your online learning so the rest of the time, please use to catch up on anything missed.  If you are all up to date, go and enjoy the sunshine!

For those of you who have requested more quizzes, here's another  Yes OS (in Skylarks) it has some football questions as requested by you.  Have fun.


Thursday's Quiz!

1. What comes down but never goes up?

2. If a yellow hat falls in the Red Sea, what does it become?

3. What do you put in a toaster?

4. How many people are on the pitch during a football match on the TV?

5. Who would have won the Champions League this year if football had not stopped?

6.  What would you get if you planted an acorn in the ground (no, not dirty hands!)

7. What can run faster, a squirrel, and elephant or a mouse?

8. What is always spelt wrong in every dictionary?

9. How many points does a football team get if they win a game in the Premier League?

10. Who built the pyramids?


Remember online learning too!

Have fun in the sunshine.

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team xx



Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everyone.  It sounds like you have been enjoying about beach holidays in the past.  Holidays would almost all been in the UK as transport was very limited 100 years ago.  

Watch this:

Normal people would not have gone abroad as holidays where you go to the airport and fly somewhere didn't really exist.  Today, we are going to look at where people may have gone on holiday in the UK and also learn how to locate England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales on a map and know capital cities.

Geography Activity

Look at this:

Here are some seaside holiday places around the UK.  Can you see the shape of the UK?


Maps of the UK


Look at this map- Can you find:





Can you find the capital of each country?

Which country is in the north of the UK?

Which country runs all the way to the south?

Which country is west of England?

Which country to the west is an island on its own?

Can you find on the map where we live?

Can you find Nottingham on the map?  That's where Miss Reid grew up.

Can you find the different names of the seas around the UK?

Talk with your adults about places that mean things to you.  Have you ever been to any places marked on the map?

Extend your learning- Use the blank map at the bottom of this page to label all the things you have been finding out about above!  It isn't a test and you can use the map to help you.


If you don't have a printer, use this map and point to where different places are:


Blank map of Britain | Teaching ResourcesImage result for north south east west compass


English Activity

You are off on holiday to a seaside town of your choice in the UK! It is 100 years ago!  Can you write a list of things you would take with you!  Remember no passports, tablets or suncream!

You can google ideas too.  


Reading Activity

If you would rather print this, the file is at the bottom of the page!

Rosie’s Holiday By Rachel Pank

“I don’t want to go on holiday!” said a very small girl in a very loud voice. It was Rosie. “I like my own room.
I like my own garden. And…..I like you all!” she bellowed at the cats next door.
The following day, Dad packed the car, but there wasn’t room for everything. Rosie could not take all her
cuddly toys. “Just one!” said Dad. Her bike would not fit, or her duvet, or the cats next door. “No!” said Dad.
“We’ll have to leave those behind”.
So Rosie hugged the cats. “I will be back!” She sat in the car wearing her holiday hat, holding her holiday bag,
and wished she wasn’t going. When they got to their holiday home, Rosie saw the sea at the bottom of their
garden. At first she pretended not to look, but then she saw big blue waves and boats!

Right next door there was a field of cows – with spots! They chewed and smiled at Rosie. “Hello”, she said.
Then Rosie followed Mum and Dad outside. She ran upstairs……and downstairs. “My holiday bed is bouncier
than my home bed!” she shouted.
The next day they all went down to the beach. Rosie filled her buckets with shells and pebbles. “I might like it
here”, she told baby Toby.
Rosie loved the sea. Every day she splished….and splashed…..and sploshed! On the last night of the holiday,
Rosie stayed up late. She watched hundreds of twinkling, sparkling stars in the night sky. “I do like it here,”
she whispered to her Mum and Dad.
In the morning, Rosie visited all her favourite places. “I want to take the cows home!” she said. “They like it
here”, said Dad. “This is where they belong”. The cows blinked their eyes and said their goodbyes. “I want to
take the sand and the sea home”, Rosie sniffed. “Look,” said Mum. “Here are all your shells and pebbles to
take back. And I’ve made you this necklace. Now we have to pack and get ready to go”.
“I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME!” cried Rosie. But as soon as they got back to her very own home, Rosie
raced into the garden. “You forgot your shells!” called Dad. But Rosie couldn’t wait. “HELLO!” she shouted
to her garden, her paddling pool, the stars and the sky. She hugged her big crocodile and jumped on to her bike.
“It’s ME!” she yelled to the cats over the fence…….”I’m back!


Rosie’s Holiday Comprehension
Put a circle around the correct answer:


1.) Did Rosie want to go on holiday?   yes    no
2.) What animals lived next door to Rosie’s house?   dogs    cats
3.) Who packed packed the car for the holiday?   Mum   Dad
4.) Rosie fitted her bike, her cuddly toys and the cats into the car.   yes   no
5.) Rosie and her family were staying in   : a hotel    a holiday home
6.) The sea was at :    the bottom of the road      the bottom of the garden
7.) Rosie said “hello” to the:    cows     horses
8.) Rosie filled her bucket with:    sand      shells     pebbles
9.) Did Rosie like the holiday home?    Yes    No
10.) Mum had made Rosie a shell:     bracelet      necklace
11.) Rosie had a cuddly toy:      elephant      crocodile
12.) Rosie shouted:     'Hello! It’s me! I’m back”       “Goodnight everyone!|”


Fun Activity

All the fun of the Fair!!

Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

People love going to the fair when they go on holiday.  Can you make a coconut shy?  Instead of coconuts balance balls on old cans.  You have to make up rules- how many you have to knock down, what will be the prize?

Diy Coconut Shy | Midway Media

Have fun!


Don't forget all your online learning too.

Look after each other

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell x



Tuesday 19th May

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....Oh I do like to be beside the sea!'

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays trip to the beach back in time!

Today we are going to continue with this.

Watch Magic Grandad seaside entertainment 100 years ago.

Here is a lovely site for you to research Punch and Judy further,

Can you also google videos of punch and Judy shows.  I have left this to you parents to monitor and watch before showing your child. Punch and Judy shows were used as entertainment on the beach in the past.  Sometimes there is still a punch and Judy show on the beach at Swanage.  It is a tradition that has been going on for years and years.

Photo of Weymouth, Punch And Judy Show On The Beach c.1955

Reading Activity 

Read the text and answer the questions.

Victorian Day Trippers

In Victorian times, only the wealthy people could afford to stay in a hotel or a guest house. Although both poor and rich Victorians could take time off work, it was much easier for wealthy families. Very rich people moved between town and country depending on the season. They visited the seaside to get away from the polluted cities and to 'take the air'. People travelled by train or by carriage. A day-tripper is a person that takes a trip that doesn't last overnight. Most people could only visit the seaside for one day because if they didn’t work, they didn’t get paid. In 1938, The Holidays with Pay Act gave workers the right to one weeks holiday per year. This allowed the working class people to travel to the coast. Taking a dip in the sea was meant to be healthy.

Answer the following questions


1. What is a 'day-tripper'? _____________________________________________________________________________

2. In Victorian times, could working class people afford to stay in hotels? _________________

3. Only rich Victorians could go to the seaside. True or false? ____________________

4. How long did most people stay at the seaside? ______________________________

5. Why did people want to leave the cities to go to the seaside? _____________________________________________________________________________

Extend your reading by researching Victorian seaside holidays and reading the text with an adult.


Writing Activity 

F1 Features: Mercedes AMG – The Formula One Punch and Judy Show ...

Can you design a punch and Judy poster advertising the show. It will need:

A bright, colourful title.

Pictures of Punch and Judy.

Details of the time of the show, where the show is and how much it costs.

Remember to add some exciting adjectives- you want as many people to go the show as you can!


DT/Art Activity

Can you make some punch and Judy puppets and act out some Punch and Judy scenes.

You can use wooden spoons and dress them up, finger puppets, whatever you have at home.  If you have an old cardboard box, you can cut out and decorate a theatre.  Just have fun with it!

The characters in Punch and Judy are very naughty!  That is what made the children laugh!

Here is a typical storyline for a Punch and Judy show....

 The Punch and Judy Story

Mr Punch comes by and says hello to the children. Mr Punch plays with Toby the dog, but naughty Toby bites Mr Punch on the nose! Mr Punch’s wife, Judy gives Mr Punch the baby to hold while she puts Toby on his lead. Mr Punch is very naughty and throws the crying baby away! Judy is very cross with Mr Punch and goes off to find a policeman. When Judy comes back with the policeman, he tells Mr Punch off. Then Judy offers to cook some sausages for breakfast. While the sausages are being cooked a crocodile sniffs the air. He comes to find the sausages and tries to pull them away from Mr Punch, who won’t let go! The policeman takes away the naughty crocodile and puts him in a zoo!

Click on the link for some cut out characters if you need them.

There are some spot the differences and colouring on this site too.


Please remember online learning and for extra reading are you completing the 3 week reading challenge?

Please don't forget to enjoy the sunshine too!

Look after each other!

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team xx



Monday 18th May



Good morning everyone.  This week we are stepping back in time and learning about the past!  What were seaside holidays like 100 years ago?  What is still the same and what has changed?

Before you watch the following clip, do you know what any of these things were?

Box camera - WikipediaVictorian Prudes and their Bizarre Beachside Bathing MachinesVintage Grammar Phone for hire from www.somethingoldsomethingnew ...

So we are now going to the beach to look at what it was like 100 years ago.  Look out for these things!

Watch this clip.......

If this link doesn't work for any reason, google 'Magic Grandad - The beach'

Topic Activity - History

Watch the clip and talk about it with your adult.  Can you make a list of the things that are the same as today on the beach and things that are different.  Look at what things are made of, what their ideas were 100 years ago and what wasn't invented that we might use on the beach now.

English and Art Activity

Can you pretend that you were a child on the beach 100 years ago and send me a postcard.  The front of a postcard needs a picture of where you are (remember you are there 100 years ago, what might be on the front?) You can create the picture however you like, paint, crayons, chalk, pencils.  Then on the back write me a message telling me what you are doing.  Again, remember you are there 100 years ago, what would you have been doing?  A postcard also needs an address.  You can use Miss Reid/Miss Rodell, Home learning centre, Poole! 

Postcards, parts and how to write one. - YouTube

Just to show you the layout (Ignore the Scotland bit!)

Fun Activity

Now you are allowed to drive a little way for your exercise, some of you may be going for a walk on the beach. One activity tht has not changed in over 100 years is collecting shells.  Can you paint your shells or use them to make a picture.  If you haven't got shells can you find some pebbles to paint?

PE challenge from Miss West!

Please see the documents at the bottom.  The challenge is challenge 3 and there is also some ideas for exercise sessions.  Have fun!

Online home learning is the same as usual.  Keep emailing so we can tell you 'well done' for your work.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team x




Friday 15th May

Good morning all!  How are we today?  Another week of home learning nearly done.  Well done to you children and you adults!  Remember even a little bit is better than nothing.  Keep going we are right behind you!

Last day with the 3 pigs!  Apologies for the french sound not working yesterday.  PLease click on le monstre  jaune.

Writing activity

Learning Objectives:  To write a sequel using a story map

To keep the story in the style of a traditional tale.

For the story to have a beginning, middle and end.


So, what happens next?  Do all the pigs live together in the brick house?  Does the wolf come back?  Do they all make friends or does he try and eat them again?  

Remember a story has a beginning, where we find out who the characters are, what they are doing, where they are living.  The middle part is where there is a problem.  I wonder what the problem could be?  Maybe something happens to the pigs and the wolf has to help them, or maybe the wolf gets stuck down someone's chimney and the pigs help rescue him.  Maybe that is how they get the wolf to behave?  Feel free to steal my ideas or think of your own.  Today I would like you to use a story map to create your story.  It is a lot less complicated than it sounds.  Here's one I have started.  Don't forget you will need a title at the top.  

The story map is like a journey and you can make it as long as you want sticking pages at the bottom.  This may be a way of encouraging some of the reluctant writers out there to have a go as it can be told mainly through pictures.  For children who like a challenge, descriptive sentences can go with the pictures.  I'm sure you can do a better job than mine- I even forgot the speech marks when the pig spoke!  Like we say, it's fiction.  Have fun with it.  


Reading activity.

Adults, can you find a different version of the 3 little pigs online or do you have one at home?  I am leaving the version you choose at completely your discretion!  We know that traditional tales have been retold and retold over year and years.  The characters and the main story line stay the same but some small bits may have changed. Get the children to read this story and discuss with your child what has changed, what has stayed the same and which version they prefer and why. 

Science Activity

Engineering for the 3 little pigs!  Watch and have a go! fun.


Art Activity

Can you draw a pig?  Here is a little video to help you!


Have fun and remember your online learning too.

Take care of each other and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team.

Cartoon Bye Bye Stock Illustrations – 3,155 Cartoon Bye Bye Stock ...



Thursday 14th May

Bonjour everyone!  It's Thursday so french and music today. Anyone notice I have been getting the dates all wrong this week?  Sorry about that! It's hard to know what day it is when you are not at school.

I hope you all have been having a good week.

French Activity

You will need the documents Monstre Jaune and French 14th May.  They are right at the bottom of this page.


Music Activity

Please find the document Year 2 music lesson May 14th also at the bottom of this page.


Please remember your online learning.  The rest of the time take to catch up on anything you haven't done.  I think with this page and your online work there is quite a lot for you to do.  If you are completely up to date, well done!

Fun ideas to do in the sunshine:

Build a den and eat your lunch in there.

Build an obstacle race for your family.

Build a lego model that you have to explain to your family.

Build a bridge between 2 garden chairs that holds 5 toy cars.

Animal hunt - how many animals can you see.

Make a bird cake and see what birds you can get in your garden.


Don't forget you can always do one of your reading challenges too!

Have a lovely day.  

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the Year 2 team

Wednesday 12th May 

Good morning Nightingales.  I hope you are well and still enjoying your home learning.  Today we are staying with the Three Little Pigs but flipping it around a little bit!.  Did anyone get the answer to yesterday's riddle?  Yes it was 4!  Well done if you got it!  


Writing Task

Learning Objectives:  To write giving a different viewpoint.

To write a longer piece of writing.

To write in character using 'I'

The big bad wolf is sad.  The big bad wolf is worried.  The big bad wolf is scared.  He has seen the wanted posters and says that people have got it all wrong!  He was just so excited to have new neighbours he went to play with them and got cross when the pigs wouldn't let him in.  He never wanted to eat them.  He chased them because he thought it was a game.  Actually for the last few days he has been at home feeling very sorry for himself because his new neighbours were mean to HIM!  He said that when he slid down the chimney for a bit of fun, the pigs had put a pan of boiling water on the fire and had burnt his bottom!  He has been so embarrassed about not being able to sit down, he has been at home with his Mummy looking after him.  Today, I would like you to pretend to be the wolf and tell your story from the point of view of the wolf.  Can you tell the story of the young grey wolf and the mean 3 pigs?  It might start like this.....

I was coming back from the shop when I saw 3 young pigs walking down the path.  I hid behind a tree because I am quite shy and I didn't know what to say to them.  I kept watching them as they started to build different houses.  Some people say I was spying on them so I could eat them.  Actually, I was feeling excited because I've never had friends live near me before and I was working out how I could make friends with them!  Us wolves get all huffy and puffy when we get excited and I was getting huffy and puffy now.  I decided to go home and visit the pigs later.

After my dinner of quorn burgers (I am vegetarian) I decided to say hi to my neighbours.  I was so excited at the thought of friends, I could feel myself getting all huffy and puffy again.  I walked up to the house of straw and knocked on the door.........tap, tap, tap!

This is just my idea, you can write whatever you like but remember you are trying to show the story from the wolf's point of view.  Enjoy and have fun with it.  Please do not worry or stress over it - I am sure your adults will have fun giving you some ideas.


Reading Activity

There are many options for today's reading activity:

*Read your story out loud to your family.

*Complete a reading comprehension at the bottom of the page.

*See our new 3 week reading challenge that is also at the bottom of the page.  How many squares can you colour in?  Parents, you can use our comprehension style questions to test the children's understanding of what they have read.  If you want to flip it around, get them to set you questions!  The questions they set will still show you if they have understood what they have read.  It may also motivate them more if they think they are getting you working.


Creative Activity

These people have used toilet rolls to create the characters of the Three Little pigs.  Can you make them and act out the story.

Have fun

Remember all your online learning too.  Lesson 3 of this weeks White Rose maths will be in the tab.

Keep emailing and keep having fun.

Take care,

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team xx



Tuesday 11th May

Good morning everyone!  Thank you for all your emails yesterday.  It was lovely to hear from so many of you.  We hope you enjoy today's learning. The answer to yesterday's riddle: 'e'


Writing Task

LO: To show a deep understanding of the story.

To write a letter in character.

To use full sentences and correct punctuation.

Read the story of the 3 little pigs again.  If you got some words wrong yesterday, can you read them correctly today?  If your adult read the story to you yesterday, can you try today.

Today I would like you to pretend to be one of the pigs and write a letter home to your Mum telling her what has been going on.  Depending on which pig you choose to be will depend on what you say in your letter.  Remember that a letter needs an address, who it is to, an opening sentences, information, a closing sentence and who it is from.   Remember you are one of the pigs so you will be using 'I' and the other pigs are your brothers.  I wonder if you will choose to be the one who was clever and built the brick house, or did you build your house of straw?  Was your heart beating out of your chest when you ran to your brother's house to get away from the wolf?  Don't forget to tell her you are all safe now - you know how us mums worry!


Reading Activity

If you read the 3 little pigs easily and it wasn't much of a challenge then please complete a reading comprehension at the bottom of the class page.



Science Activity

You will need:  A hairdryer, 5 items of a similar size but different weight, a table top or other flat surface, a tape measure, a pencil and a crazy scientist recording sheet (at the bottom of the page)


Huffing and Puffing Is What I'm Good At! | Three little pigs ...

Learning objectives: To make predictions

To keep the test as fair as you can.

To measure carefully and make observations.


So, we all know that the wolf could not blow the brick house down.  Why was that?  Was it because it was made better than the other, heavier than the others, or had the wolf simply run out of puff when he got there?

Here's an unanswerable question:  How far can the wind push an object?

Talk about this question for a minute or 2?  Do not read on yet!

Why can't you answer it?  You can't answer it because there are so many things it depends on such as: how strong the wind is, what surface is it travelling on, how heavy the object is, how long the wind blows for.  

Today we are going to test if the weight of the object makes a difference to how far the object travels in the wind.  All of the other things it depended on must stay the same for it to be a fair test.

What you need to do is collect 5 items that are about the same size from around your house that weigh different amounts. This is the only thing that will change.  You need to decide which surface to carry the test out on, what setting the hair dryer is on, how close the hairdryer is each time and how many seconds you blow the object for. These must stay the same as it wouldn't be fair.

On your sheet you must make predictions first, thinking through why you have those ideas.  Then test your ideas and record them on your sheet.  You test your ideas using a hairdryer to blow your objects and measure how far they travelled.

It's been windy these last few days.  When you go on your daily exercise, look around you, what is blowing in the wind?  Are they heavy objects?

Go exploring crazy scientists and don't forget to have fun while your at it!


Physical Challenge

Mrs Lawrence has set you a physical challenge!  It's called the press up challenge and can be found at the bottom of this page! Enjoy!


We hope you found the White Rose maths in the tab to the right.  Todays lesson will also be in there.  Remember if your child is struggling with White Rose or Mathletics, there are some key skills activities in that tab to support you.

Todays Riddle:

85% of adults will find these 10 kids' riddles... | QuizzClub

As  Tess Daley would say............ 'Keep dancing' (and smiling, and emailing!)

Kindest Regards

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team. (who all say hello!) xx


Good morning everyone.  We hope you had a good long weekend and enjoyed all that beautiful sunshine and didn't get blown away yesterday!!  Thank you for all your emails about VE day and all your paper aeroplane entries!  The winner in skylark class for design, flight, enthusiasm and distance was HW and in Nightingale class it was CP.  Well done though to everyone who took part, it looked like lots of fun. 

Can anyone tell me anything exciting from the bird webcams??

Todays learning on here is based all around ........

The Three Little Pigs - Lessons - Tes Teach | Three little pigs ...

Here is the story of the 3 little pigs

If possible, let the children read the story as part of their reading task.  Pause at different times to ask questions so you know they are understanding what they are reading.  As this will be a familiar story to the children, make sure they are reading the words rather than guessing them.  


Writing Task

Can you make a wanted poster for the big bad wolf.  He has run off into the woods thinking his tail is on fire but he can't get away with trying to eat the pigs!  Here are some ideas what you might need on the wanted poster:

* A picture.

* What the person is wanted for.

* A good description of the wanted person so people know who they are looking out for.

* A reward for anyone who finds them.

* Where to give any information you may have about the wanted person.

Your wanted poster could look something like this......

Wanted Poster Template | Teaching Resources


Design and Technology Task

Can you make 2 houses from 2 different materials?  You will need to think how to make it strong and keep you safe from the big bad wolf!!  What will you use to join the materials?  Glue, staples, paper clips?  Then you need to find a big bad wolf (aka an adult with a hairdryer!) and see which one is the strongest!  Video it and e mail them over!  


Ongoing Activities

White Rose maths can now bw found in the  tab at the top right of this page. Please continue with this.  Mathletics, TT Rockstars and Spelling Frame remain the same.  For any additional reading comprehensions, please see the added files at the bottom of this page.

Riddle of the day!

What am I ? - Riddles for Kids with Answers - Gift Our Precious

Take care of each other and have fun!

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the rest of the Year 2 Team xx


KENYG Red Poppy Flower Brooch Lest WE Forget for Women Remembrance ...Union Jack Flag Bunting 10 MtrsKENYG Red Poppy Flower Brooch Lest WE Forget for Women Remembrance ...

VE Day Celebrations | Catcott Primary School


Thursday 7th May 2020

Morning everyone - whoever did the sunshine dance - thank you!  It worked!

Today is french and music.  Please find these as documents at the bottom of this page's getting along way to scroll down isn't it!

We had lots of replies yesterday on e mail.  Loving the lighthouse writing and  the plane flying!

Along with french and music today, you have your ongoing maths and spelling.  You could also do some more VE day celebration preparation or even just watch some videos to understand why we celebrate VE day even after 75 years.  Miss Reid's Grandma was in the land army and led the VE day parade in Grantham on a tractor!  There is a photograph somewhere!

Harry wanted to share this picture with you as one of you sent in a cake recipe and we turned it into a VE day celebration cake.  He and Matt say thank you to everyone who sent in recipes for them.

We hope you have a lovely bank holiday - the weather looks good - enjoy!

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team   x



Wednesday 6th May 2020

Tomorrow is french and music day so today we thought we would learn about VE day today.  VE day is on Friday but as it is a bank holiday there will be no home learning that day.  (hehe, was the biggest cheer from the children or adults?)

As war can be a tricky subject for small children, we are handing the research over to you adults.  You know what you are happy for your child to see and how much you want them to learn.  Below are links to sites that explain WW2 for children but please look at them first before you share them with your child.

These are just a few sites but there are a lot more!

We are going to suggest activities today rather than set actual tasks as it really depends how far you want to take it.


 *Write a letter to a WW2 soldier, ask questions about what it was like, say thank you, tell him what life is like in 2020.

* Write a newspaper article with a headline and information.

* Learn a WW2 dance

* Learn a WW2 song

We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

So will you please say hello
To the folks that I know
Tell them I won't be long
They'll be happy to know
That as you saw me go
I was singing this song

We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
'Til the blue skies
Drive the dark clouds far away
So will you please say hello
To the folks that I know
Tell them it won't be long
They'll be happy to know
That as you saw me go
I was singin' this song

We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

* Colour posters for your windows

*Make a WW2 meal

* VE day is usually celebrated with a street party.  With the social distancing in place, could you plan a party at home? Make lists of games to play, things to eat, what music to listen to (1940's music of course!)

* Listen to WW2 songs

The world is your oyster!  Get the family talking and smiling! We'll never have this much time again to learn together and appreciate our freedom the war gave us.  The children are our next generation, for them to remember, we must first teach them.

The Significance Of ANZAC Day, Lest We Forget


After all that learning and research you will be experts by now!  Here is a VE day quiz for you to test all your new knowledge!


1. What does VE Day stand for?

2. Who was the  Prime Minister in 1945?

3. How do people usually celebrate VE Day?

4. Who was on the throne in 1945?

5.  How did people celebrate the end of the war in 1945?

6.  Tell me 5 other facts you have learnt today.

7.  Who sang this?


Don't forget if this doesn't capture your enthusiasm, there is ongoing learning, Mathletics, TT Rockstars, Reading comprehensions at the bottom of the page (apologies Nightingale class that they weren't there on Monday!) and Spelling Frame.

Take care of each other.  Please email us, we miss you!

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team 

Poppy Shop Children's Clip on Poppy








Tuesday 5th May

Good morning all!  If you are reading this, well done it's great you are trying so hard with your home learning.  We hope you are all well.  We are still missing you all and can't wait for the day we can see all your smiling faces again!  Until then, lets keep going!  If any of you want a little more exercise - can you do a sun dance please?  Where has the sunshine gone?!

Keep e mailing us, we love reading what you are up to and seeing your pictures!

Writing Activity

Learning Objectives:  To retell a story in the correct sequence.

To use adjectives to describe the setting and the characters.

To write in full sentences.

Watch the lighthouse again....

or on YouTube:

Can you write out the story by putting words to the film?  Practise retelling the story by talking it through as you watch the film. Look carefully at the weather, the village, the character.  Can you describe them?  Try to make this writing a really good piece of work.  We haven't done much extended writing and we need to make sure we can keep up with end of year 2, beginning of year 3 expectations so it isn't a shock when we go back to school.  You can use a planning grid if that would help.

Reading Activity
Continue reading through the reading comprehensions at the bottom of this page.  If you didn't check in yesterday, see Monday's reading task for the explanation of which one to do.


Science fun!

Can you make invisible ink?  Have fun with this one but an adult must help you!

Art Activity

Can you paint, draw, colour or collage a lighthouse?  Can you make the waves look like they are crashing on the rocks?  Can you make the light shine out into the darkness?  What materials could you use to make the light shine?

Lighthouse in a storm, historical artwork - Stock Image - C022 ...

Have a good day everyone.  Stay safe!

Here's a riddle for you to solve.......

kid riddles 9

Have fun

From Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team 

Free Clipart Smile

Monday 4th May


Happy Monday everyone.  Thank you for all of your ideas for different things to cook at home.  There were some great recipes, pictures.  I hope you enjoyed cooking with your family.

Reading Tasks

At the very bottom of the page, we have attached 2 files.  Stage 1 reading and Stage 2 reading.  If your child is a confident reader and can read texts independently and answer questions independently then  please work through Stage 2.  If your child requires more support with reading, please work through stage 1.  There are 5 reading texts and comprehension questions to work through.  If your child was at school now, they would be answering comprehension questions as written sentences.  If you can, please do this so they maintain this skill.  Even though we are not doing SATs this year it is still good practise, although we are also aware that extra writing my cause stress!  Please do what you can.  Work through these 1 a day.  Remember Friday is a bank holiday and you are not required to do home learning so save one for next Monday.


Writing Task

Learning Objectives:

To respond to a film.

To say how something made you feel.

To write in full sentences.

Watch the video 'Lighthouse'

or on YouTube:


Watch the fim all the way through first, then watch it again and pause it regularly to say how the different parts  made you feel.  How did you feel at the beginning when the weather was stormy?  What about when you met the lighthouse keeper for the first time?  How did he make you feel?  Did you like him?  How did the music make you feel?  What about when the light smashed?  Did your feelings change at the end of the film?  why? How did the film leave you feeling?

With your adult, write sentences to describe how the film made you feel at different points.  Adults, 'talk' and modelling how the different sections make you feel will be really helpful.


Fun Challenge

It's competition Time!!!

Choose a style, or practise with a few!  Video your best flight and send it to us!  We will announce the winner by Friday!  We will be judging distance, time in the air, straightness of flight with the least turbulence!!  You don't have to use your best paper, scrap paper, newspaper will do!  You could experiment with different paper as it may affect how the plane flies?

Have fun!


Please remember your online learning too!  If Maths online (White Rose and Mathletics) are too challenging, please see our new tab (on the right at the top of the class page) This has some easier basic skills for you to practise.  

Webcam update:

Mrs B is still sitting on eggs, they are due to hatch this week, the Bournemouth Peregrines have 3 gorgeous chicks and Mrs Osprey is still looking to the horizon for Mr Osprey. 

Have a good day

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team.  Keep smiling x




Friday 1st May

Welcome to May!  Well, who would have thought that instead of preparing for Year 2 SATs that are in May, we are at home learning instead!  Like we have talked about, we are living through history!


Today's learning is based around............

(very loosely as I know flour is in short supply!)

Reading Activity

VIPERS - Sequencing

Below are instructions to make a ham sandwich.  Unfortunately when I cut and pasted them in, they all got jumbled up!  The whole purpose of instructions is that they are are in order and are a step by step guide to help someone make something.

Learning Objectives:

To read and understand what I have read.

To identify verbs in the text.  Instructions are full of 'doing' words.

To find time connectives in the text. 'What are time connectives?' I hear you cry!

(These will help you in the writing task too!)

Read the instructions below.  Look at how the instructions are laid out.  Read the text and look at the time connectives.  Which should go first?  Which should be at the end?  Can you work out the correct order of the instructions? Can you find the verbs?

How to make a ham sandwich

What you will need




Salad (optional)

A knife

A plate


Next get a piece of ham and lay it on one slice of bread now it is buttered.

Finally, sit and enjoy your sandwich.

First take 2 pieces of bread.

After that, add your salad on top of the ham.

Now butter both pieces of  bread.

After you have added the salad, put the other slice of bread on top and press down slightly.

Then cut the sandwich in half being careful with the knife.

Parents, it may benefit your child if you write these out (or print them) and cut them into strips.  It will be more visual and tactile for your children to re-order.

Extend your learning: Write out the instructions in the correct order highlighting the verbs and time connectives.  If you want to be really clever, can you think of better verbs to use than the simple ones I have.


Writing Task

Learning objectives:

To write a set of clear instructions.

To use time connectives (see reading task)

To use verbs writing the instructions.

Matt and Harry love their food but they are getting fed up with me always cooking the same old thing!  Can you cook with your adult today (it does not have to be anything fancy, PLEASE do not make a trip to the shops for this.)  They aren't fussy but need a change.  After you have cooked, send me a picture of your food and a recipe with instructions.  I will use them to make Matt and Harry some different dinners!

This work does not need handing in today as you may need time to do this.  


Creative Activity

We will keep with the food theme for this one!  Design the ultimate meal!  Draw and label what your favourite meal would be.  If you want to be posh, you can create a 3 course dinner with a starter, a main and a pudding!

Now I am feeling hungry!


Physical Activity

After all that food, we probably need to do a bit of exercise and as it is so wet outside we may need to do some moving indoors.  We Joe Wicks is available on you tube but there are these to try too.

Google: Cosmic Yoga

Go Noodle


As with all web based things, please monitor your child, as although the activity is age appropriate there may be adverts etc that are not.

Please remember your online learning.  We are aware that we are sending out quite generic learning and some children may be finding the online learning for maths a little tricky.  If that is you, please see the files right at the bottom of this class page.  They will help your child keep up with key skills at an easier level.  There will be a key skills tab coming soon.

Keep Smiling and look after each other.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

The Year 2 Team 


Thursday 30th April

How on earth is it Thursday already!!

How did you do with your random act of kindness?  

So today, you will find your french and music as documents attached right at the bottom of this page.

I am not setting any more work today as there may be other things for you to catch up with.

I know some of you will want more but don't forget all our ongoing learning.

a) Mathletics

b) TT Rockstars

c) White Rose maths

d) Spellings

e) Check your bug catchers and complete todays tally chart

f) Check in with the owls and the ospreys (not all learning is pencil and paper based) Fostering an interest in life beyond electronics is important.  Other bird webcams are available, Bournemouth peregrines are sat on eggs and Birds of Poole Harbour website also has lovely birds cams of Holton-Lee and the harbour.

If you clap for the NHS on a Thursday, maybe you could make a flag to wave, or a banner, or chalk a thank you on the pavement outside!


Have a lovely day!

From us all in Year 2 xxx




Wednesday 29th April

Good morning.  Thank you to all of you who are e mailing your messages and work to us.  We are enjoying reading your work.  If any parents are in touch with friends from Skylark and Nightingale classes, please share our email address so we can be in touch with even more children, thank you.


Please keep up with your online learning too!



Writing Task

Learning objectives:  To write in full sentences.

To practise spelling words form the year 2 list correctly (have it out while you are writing)


So you have seen our pets on Monday in the pictures we sent you.  Can you create a pet fact file for your pet?  If you do not have a pet you can complete the alternative pet profile.  Both are at the bottom of the class page.


Reading Task

Learning Objectives:  To read carefully and make sure you have understood what you have read.

To decode words but sounding them out if you are unsure.

To look at the words questions begin with


Quiz time!!

Here is a fun quiz to read with your adult and complete together.  Remember you are reading the questions, your adult is only helping you with words you don’t know.


  1. Which teacher loves Star Wars?
  2. Who lives at number 10 Downing Street?
  3. Where does the Queen live?
  4. Which teacher likes spiders?
  5. What is the capital city of England?
  6. What is the capital city of China?
  7. Name 5 things might you see in Hamworthy park?
  8. What type of animal is a snake?
  9. Name the 7 continents (extra points for showing your adult where they are on a map!)
  10. Which teacher loves Disney?
  11. Which football team does Mr France support?
  12. Who is the tallest person in your class?
  13. Where would you find Donald Trump?
  14. What word goes in front of bulb, switch and house?
  15.  If you could choose 1 magic power, what would it be and why?


Answers can be requested by email should you want them!

Extend your learning – Using question words and remembering a question mark at the end, can you write some quiz questions for your family.


Creative Activity

Can you create a model using junk from around your house?  Maybe you could make something you have found in your bug catcher?  Maybe you could make a robot that would do your home learning for you!  Make whatever you like! Think about how you are going to join the junk together.  Will it have moving parts?  How will you do that?  Paint and decorate your model with whatever you have at home.  Make sure you have permission to use things first.




Health and Wellbeing Activity (optional)

Now we don’t want this to get too heavy but in these strange times it is easy to feel a little down or fed up.  We also need to feel how lucky we are to be with out families and be healthy.  This might be one for the dinner table as it would be great to get the whole family involved.  Random acts of kindness can be so important at times like this too.

There are 2 parts to this activity:

1 With your family, write your top 10 things that you are enjoying about being on lockdown.  They can be funny, serious or something new you have done.  You are allowed to say 2 things that you miss too!

2. Plan a random act of kindness.  Maybe phone someone you know is on their own, tidy your room without being asked, it can be for your family or someone else, it could be a little message in your window?  Have a little think – please remember social distancing rules though and please do not visit your friends.

Some of the teachers have done their top 10 things:

Miss Reid

  1. Getting e mails from my class and setting you learning I hope you enjoy.
  2. Going on daily walks and enjoying the wildlife in my area
  3. Having the time to cook nice dinners for my family.
  4. Having quiz nights with my family on my computer.
  5. Speaking to my family lots on facetime.
  6. Not having to wear make up every day as my family don’t scare very easily.
  7. Having time to grow lots of plants from seed.
  8. Playing in the garden with Roxy and Rosie
  9. Beating matt at Pool (not that it happens often)
  10. Clapping for the NHS on Thursday nights so I can wave at my friends and neighbours safely.


Things I miss:

School – my class, the other teachers and routine

Going out for dinner with friends.


Miss Rodell

1. Taking Beans for a walk.

2. Planting nice flowers.

3. Time to read books.

4. Time to do puzzles.

5. Time to exercise

6. Time to cook nice meals

7. Spending time with Jord

8. Baking

9. Spotting rainbows

10.  Replying to your lovely emails.

The 2 things I miss:

1. Spending time with my family

2. Being in school

You do not need to share this with us if you do not want to.

Have a lovely day and be kind to your adults!

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and the team x


Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning you lovely lot.  I hope you enjoyed Mr Spence's challenges yesterday.  

You are all doing very well. Can you believe this is the 6th week we have had with school closed.  That's as long as the summer holiday, although you don't have your teachers setting you work in the summer do you!  Keep trying hard - you are all doing great.



Writing and Art activity

Coronavirus: Capt Tom Moore's NHS fundraiser hits £17m - BBC News

Do you recognise this man?  He is Captain Thomas Moore.  He is 100 this week and to mark his 100th Birthday, he decided he would walk 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS who are looking after people during this time he become poorly.  He wanted to raise £1000.  So far he has raised over £28,000,000!!  If you haven't seen him on the news Google him.  He is also number 1 in the charts with a song that is also raising even more money for the NHS.

Can you design and make him a birthday card.  On the front, you could try to draw him, you could add rainbows or whatever you like.  Inside, can you write him a message.  Remember not to add any personal details.

You can post the card to him:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine


MK43 0LA

Reading activity

Get a book of your choice.  This is where you can choose one that interests you.  It can be a football book, an animal book, a story book......the choice is yours.  Read it with your adult and fill in the book review that you can find right at the bottom of our class page.  If you do not have a printer, or wish to save the ink, just write out the headings on paper.  It does not need printing out.

Happy Reading!

Don't forget Mathletics, spelling Frame, TT Rockstars (don't forget Mr Spence's offer to challenge him! He is Jacob Keeling on there)  White Rose Maths is summer Term week 2.

No Roxy pictures today - she is still upstairs asleep with Matty!  There are lazy teenagers and lazy cats in this house!

Have a good day everyone!

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and all of the Year 2 team x



Monday 27th April

Hi everyone.  I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.  The weather forecast isn't as great for this week, lets hope it doesn't rain much!

Thank you to you parents who are emailing such lovely things regarding your child's work and general lovely comments.  We know it isn't easy but hopefully we are settling into striking the right balance.  It really is great to be able to get feedback and engage with the children.  Please never apologise for how much you send.....if it is motivating the children then it's worth it!

We loved reading your letters!  Some of the common requests we had were to learn about a new different country, to learn more about animals, water parks and funfairs!  You also requested more art and topic learning.  Mr Spence has set your writing and fun challenge today!  One thing you did ask for was more pictures of us with our pets!  We we will start with those!

Miss Rodell and Beans say hi

Miss Reid and Roxy and Rosie say hi

Miss Winkworth and Roscoe say hi!

Mrs Taylor and Fudge say hii! 

Mrs McKenzie says Hello!

Mr Spence and Tiddles. (I don't think Tiddles likes his picture being taken!)



Writing Task.

Learning objectives:  To use your imagination.

To write in full sentences using punctuation and neat handwriting.

To have fun and be as creative as you can be!

Hi everyone, Mr Spence here!  I am at home with my 2 boys, busy doing home learning with them.  I am missing you all lots so I asked Miss Reid if I could set you some work.  If you email the work to Miss Reid and Miss Rodell as normal, they will show me.  I can't wait to see what you do.

So, to give my boys a break from home learning, we decided to clear some of the garden that had got a little bit overgrown and were amazed to find this!

Can you think who might live there?  Who are they?  What are they called?  Where does the path go?  What does the mushroom house look like inside?  You can draw and label illustrations to go with your writing.  What else can you tell me about it?  Do you have anything like it in your garden?  What should I do with it?

I look forward to hearing all your ideas!

Have fun!

Science and maths fun task all rolled into one!  

Hi, its Mr Spence again.  I have a great challenge for you. Miss Reid told me that in your letters, lots of you wanted to learn more about animals.  Here's a great way of finding out what is living right at home with you in your garden.

1. Get a can and wash it clean

2. Bury it in the garden somewhere shady and damp

3. Put 4 stones around the tin and place something over the top to make like a lid or a roof

What you do next is check your bug catcher every day.  This is very important as we need to let the bugs go quickly so they are not trapped for long.

You need to keep a tally chart of the bugs you catch.  If you don't know what it is you will have to research it.  You can research and find out about the creatures you catch, writing sentences and drawing what you see.  You can really go to town on this!  Remember to keep e mailing Miss Reid and Miss Rodell who will pass it on to me too.

Have fun and stay safe everyone

From Mr Spence


What great ideas Mr Spence - I am going to have a go burying a can and catching creatures....... I'll let you know what I catch!

Reading Activity

Reading Viper Focus:  Sequence (summarise)

VIPERS reading strategy _ cartoon snake posters and images for ...

Learning Objective:  To be able to understand the events in a story.

To be able to retell a story in the correct order.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

It is Autumn.  A strong wind is blowing.  It blows flower seeds high in the air and carries them far across the land.  One of the seeds is tiny, smaller than any of the others.  Will it be able to keep up with the others?  And where are they all going?

One of the seeds flies higher than the others.  Up, up is goes!  It flies too high and the sun's hot rays burn it up.  But the tiny seed sails on with the others.

Another seed lands on a tall icy mountain.  The ice never melts, and the seed cannot grow.  The rest of the seeds fly on.  But the tiny seed does not go as fast as the others.

Now they fly over the ocean.  One seed falls into the water and drowns.  The others sail on with the wind.  But the tiny seed does not go as high as the others.

One seed drifts down on to the desert.  It is hot and dry, and the seed cannot grow.  Now the tiny seed is flying very low, but the wind pushes it on with the others.

Finally the wind stops and and the seeds fall gently down on the ground.  A bird comes by and eats one seed.  The tiny seed is not eaten.  It is so small that the bird does not see it.

Now it is Winter.

After their long trip the seeds settle down.  They look just as if they are going to sleep in the earth.  Snow falls and covers them like a soft, white blanket.  A hungry mouse that also lives in the ground eats a seed for his lunch.  But the tiny seed lies very still and the mouse does not see it.  

Now it is Spring.

After a few months the snow has melted.  It is really spring!  Birds fly by.  The sun shines.  Rain falls.  The seeds grow so round and so full they burst open a little.  Now they are not seeds anymore.  They are plants.  First they send roots down into the earth.  Then their little stems and leaves begin to grow up towards the sun and air.  There is another plant that grows much faster than the new little plants.  It is a big fat weed.  And it takes all the sunlight and the rain away from one of the small new plants and that little plant dies.

The tiny seed hasn't begun to grow yet.  It will be too late!  Hurry!  But finally it too starts to grow in to a plant.

The warn weather also brings the children out to play.  They too have been waiting for the sun and spring time.  One child doesn't see the plants as he runs along and - oh!  he breaks one!  Now it cannot grow any more.

The tiny plant that grew form the tiny seed is growing fast, but its neighbour grows even faster.  Before the tiny plant has three leaves the other plant has seven! And look!  A bud! And now even a flower!

But what is happening?  First there are footsteps.  Then a shadow looms over them.  Then a hand reaches down and breaks the flower.

A boy has picked the flower to give to a friend.

It is summer.  Now the plant from the tiny seed is all alone.  It grows on and on.  It doesn't stop.  The sun shines on it and the rain waters it.  It has many leaves.  It grows taller and taller.  It is taller than the people.  It is taller than the trees.  It is taller than the houses.  And now a flower grows on it.  People come from far and near to look at this flower.  It is the tallest flower they have ever seen.  It is a giant flower.

All summer long the birds and bees and butterflies come visiting.  They have never seen such a big and beautiful flower.

Now it is Autumn again.

The days grow shorter.  The nights grow cooler.  And the wind carries yellow and red leaves past the flower.  Some petals drop from the giant flower and they sail along with the bright leaves over the land and down to the ground.  

The wind blows harder.  The flower has lost almost all of its petals.  It sways and bends away from the wind.  But the wind grows stronger and shakes the flower.  Once more the wind shakes the flower, and this time the flower's seed pod opens.  Out come many tiny seeds that quickly sail far away on the wind.


Now answer these questions:

1. How did the first seed die?

2.  Where did the first lot of seeds come from?

3. How many seasons is this story told over?

4. What season comes after spring?

5. What happened to the flower in Autumn?

6. What happened to the second plant that grew?

Extend your learning:  Can you google the life cycle of a plant.  Can you draw and label the life cycle of a plant.

Extend your learning:  When you go out on a walk or bike ride, can you find a dendelion in bud, a dandelion flower and a dandelion seed head?


Mr Spence has said that he is 'Jacob Keeling' on TT Rockstars if anyone wants to challenge him!  I did say that you had to be kind though!

Have a great day!  We will leave you with 2 other pictures, Mr Spence's real pets, 2 hamsters called Hermione and Cookie and Roxy trying to help me write your home learning!

From Miss Rodell, Miss Reid, Mr Spence and the whole team!




Friday 24th April

Good morning everyone!!  Well, did you spot my 'deliberate mistake yesterday? (no, it wasn't the typo in the Tiny Seed story!)  I forgot it was Thursday and you should have had French and Music!  Oops!  I think it's because every day feels the same doesn't it.


Thank you so much everyone for all your e mails!  We are really enjoying seeing all your amazing work. There were some amazing rainbow scavenger hunts and it was lovely to see a rainbow hunt bike ride!

There will be a home learning newsletter soon where we will show some work you are sending in.

Thank you for all the letters with suggestions for your learning too.

Today we are only setting French and Music on here but please access your usual online activities such as White Rose, mathletics etc.  This will give people some catch up time if you have things left to do.


Year 2 French

Thursday 23rd April

Hello Year 2,

Today, you are going to practise your numbers. We learnt up to 12 but if you want to keep to 1-5 then that’s fine.

Listen to the song and practise singing along.


(This was Miss Reid's home learning today- attaching a file.  Thank you Mrs Blake, techno angel!!!)


Next, you could try the following activities…..

· Collect some items to count or go outside to count. Find out how many there are by counting in French.

· Play a bingo game.



 5                                   8




6                 12                                 




9 10

Each player to call out a number. Cross it off if you have it. First person to fill their card wins.


· Practise counting backwards, forward, just the odd numbers or just the even numbers.


Have fun!  Remember you can tell me how you got on:

Thursday 23rd April

How to answer customers emails?

Well, yesterday was the best day of lockdown so far!!  Getting e mails from you saying hi and showing us your work was just fantastic!  We have sat here for the last few weeks setting work not even knowing if people were reading it, so to see your work and hear you are enjoying it was so lovely to know.  Well done adults, you are doing a great job (we know and appreciate it isn't easy which is why teachers drink so much coffee!) and well done to you children who are trying really hard!  Together, even remotely we are still a great team!

Thank you to everyone for sending work and positive messages so far! We are looking forward to many more:



White Rose maths,  spelling frame (don't forget your Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words to practise too - they were in your packs but can also be found online plus year 3/4 common exception words if needed), TT Rockstars and Mathletics.


  Writing Task

Learning objective: To set out a letter correctly.

To concentrate on spellings, punctuation and handwriting.

To share your ideas and opinions.

So, we have been trying to make the home learning tasks fun and interesting but what we think is interesting as grown ups might not be so great for you kids.  Can you write us a letter telling us what  work you might like us to set you?  What topics interest you?  Can you give us some art ideas or tell us what you would like to write about.  We will (hopefully) be getting 60 replies so we might not be able to do everything but it will be nice to know what you would like to do.

Remember a letter has your address so you can get a reply (but like we say in school, please do not use your full address.  It is good practise not to share your personal details), the date, Dear.........., an opening sentence, information in the middle, a closing sentence and who it from

Please e mail us your letters!  We are already excited to see what you suggest!  Feel free to add other little details about what you have been doing.  Do you like getting photographs from us?  Did you like seeing our pets?  Do you want to know what we are up to too?  It's your letter, have your own ideas.


Reading Task


The Tiny Seed - Audiobook | Listen Instantly!


Reading Viper focus:

VIPERS reading strategy _ cartoon snake posters and images for ...

Learning Objective:  To read the text and understand what I have read.

To retrieve information straight from the text.

This is the next part from Monday and Wednesday's activity, I would do those first so this makes sense if you haven't already.

The Tiny Seed continued ..............

The warn weather also brings the children out to play.  They too have been waiting for the sun and spring time.  One child doesn't see the plants as he runs along and - oh!  he breaks one!  Now it cannot grow any more.

The tiny plant that grew form the tiny seed is growing fast, but its neighbour grows even faster.  Before the tiny plant has three leaves the other plant has seven! And look!  A bud! And now even a flower!

But what is happening?  First there are footsteps.  Then a shadow looms over them.  Then a hand reaches down and breaks the flower.

A boy has picked the flower to give to a friend.

It is summer.  Now the plant from the tiny seed is all alone.  It grows on and on.  It doesn't stop.  The sun shines on it and the rain waters it.  It has many leaves.  It grows taller and taller.  It is taller than the people.  It is taller than the trees.  It is taller than the houses.  And now a flower grows on it.  People come from far and near to look at this flower.  It is the tallest flower they have ever seen.  It is a giant flower.

The Tiny Seed video by Eric Carle | The tiny seed, Preschool books ...

Can you read the text and answer these questions.  Remember the questions may not be in the same order as the story (It makes you think more!)

1.  Why do the children come out to play?

2.  How many leaves did the bigger plant have when the tiny plant had 3?

3.  What happened to the bigger plant?

4.  Why did people come from far and wide to see the plant from the tiny seed?

5.  How many things mentioned in the text was the plant bigger than?

6.  There are 2 things in the text that are keeping the plant strong and healthy.  What are they?

7.  When the children come out to play, what happens to one of the plants?

8.  What verb describes how the child is moving before he steps on the plant?

Predict........ What do you think might happen next?

Parents, these types of questions are not set anywhere specific and have just been made up by us.  These types of questions can be asked at the end of any text your child reads just to enhance and aid their comprehension.  If your child is not engaging with a text we set, choose one you know they will enjoy and ask similar questions at the end.


Art activity.

Meet The Butterfly - Artemis - Medium

Being out and about in the sunshine is lovely.  The warm weather is bringing us all out.  Butterflies are emerging from their cocoons and are enjoying flying around drinking nectar from all the blossom that is around.  Can you paint a symmetrical butterfly?  Do you know what symmetrical means?  Can you find out?  This link will give you some ideas how to create a symmetrical butterfly picture.


Take care and have fun everyone!  Look forward to hearing from you!

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell


Wednesday 22nd April 

Did you solve the mystery yesterday and work out what was in the garden?  I am not going to put the answer on here (Yes we Googled it too!) just incase people are a few days behind.  If you want to know if your research was correct, get your adult to send me the work to

I can't wait to see it!

Todays learning.........

White Rose Maths.  I know there has been some confusion as expressed on the Year 2 facebook page so I will try to clear up some questions.  Year 2 have not used the videos before so we would like to start on SUMMER TERM, week 1 and work through this weeks lessons each day. (Other year groups may differ so if you have older siblings please follow what is on their class page)  You cannot type on the screen and to save ink, just write the answers on a bit of paper.  Your adult will mark them.

Also if the video won't load, it's because the site is experiencing a lot of traffic which may be frustrating but great for us teachers as it means lots of you are doing your home learning!  Just return to it at another time.  

As we are asking you to do the summer term, it does mean that some of the topics may not have been covered for a while or in some instances not at all.  This is why it is so important that adults assist with this activity.  As school is still closed, we felt that instead of practising stuff we already know, we need to look at what we would be doing in school now so we can keep up to speed and not have too many gaps when we return to school.  Some activities might be tricky.  If this is the case, adults can you turn it into a practical activity to aid understanding?  If it really is too hard, watch the videos and talk about it.

I hope this helps, I know it's not always easy.  You're all doing a great job.


Writing task

Learning Objective: To create a story that has a beginning middle (with a problem) and an ending.

To think about using intersting words.

To read your story 


Can you use the animal from Miss Reid's garden yesterday to create a story.  Use a storyboard like this one to map out your story.  Who else might be in the story?  What other garden animals might be its friend?  Can you give the animal a name and remember, its fiction........anything can happen!!
















In  each box draw part of the story with sentences underneath.  Maybe your adult could video you retelling the story and send it to our new email adress for me to watch.


Reading Activity

The Tiny Seed - Audiobook | Listen Instantly!

Reading Activity 

Reading Viper focus:

VIPERS reading strategy _ cartoon snake posters and images for ...

Learning Objective:  To read the text and understand what I have read.

To retrieve information straight from the text.

This is the next part from Monday's story.  If you did not do Monday's reading activity, I would do that first so this makes sense.

The Tiny Seed continued ..............

Now it is Winter.

After their long trip the seeds settle down.  They look just as if they are going to sleep in the earth.  Snow falls and covers them like a soft, white blanket.  A hungry mouse that also lives in the ground eats a seed for his lunch.  But the tiny seed lies very still and the mouse does not see it.  

Now it is Spring.

After a few months the snow has melted.  It is really spring!  Birds fly by.  The sun shines.  Rain falls.  The seeds grow so round and so full they burst open a little.  Now they are not seeds anymore.  They are plants.  First they send roots down into the earth.  Then their little stems and leaves begin to grow up towards the sun and air.  There is another plant that grows much faster than the new little plants.  It is a big fat weed.  And it takes all the sunlight and the rain away from one of the small new plants and that little plant dies.

The tiny seed hasn't begun to grow yet.  It will be too late!  Hurry!  But finally it too starts to grow in to a plant.


Can you answer these questions?  Remember it is retrieve so all the answers are in the text.  The questions are not in any particular order to make you look carefully!  These answers do not need writing down!

1.  What 2 adjectives described the snow?

2. What noun was used to help describe the snow?

3. What animal eats a seed in winter?

4.  What 3 things happen in spring?

5. Why did one of the plants get no rain or sunlight?

6.  What do the seeds grow first, roots or shoots?

7. Why does the tiny seed not get eaten by the mouse?

Heres's a prediction question........

What do you think will happen to the plant that grows from the tiny seed?


Todays fun challenge!

As rainbows are the symbol of hope at the minute, can you go on a scavenger hunt finding different colours to make a rainbow?  You can use things from indoors and the garden (with your adults permission!)

You can either make a rainbow on your lawn or just match the items to the colours like this!  Have fun! 

Have another lovely day in the sunshine!  Keep watching those nest webcams!                  from Miss Reid and Miss Rodell



Tuesday 21st April


Well done for doing your White Rose maths!  You cannot type into the boxes on the screen and to save your computer ink, I suggest you just write the answers on a piece of paper.  Please do Summer week one, lesson 2 today.


So, all of todays learning is going to be based around ............

Why Do We Enjoy Mysteries So Much?

Yesterday Miss Reid was helping Alan digging in the garden and came across this lovely animal. 


The thing is, she has no idea what it is!  One thing she does know is that it is not a snake, even though it looks like one.  Miss Reid returned it to where she had found it and it slithered back safely unhurt.

So, here's where you come in!

I would like you to research and find the name of the animal Miss Reid found and write some facts about it to teach me us about it.


Reading Task

Research and read some facts about the animal Miss Reid found.  Try to read the text yourself, although your grown up might need to help with some words.  Make sure the text makes sense.


Writing Task

Using little headings, write some facts about the creature Miss Reid found in her garden.  Remember full stops, capital letters and spellings.  Read your sentences back to yourself to check for any mistakes you can correct yourself.


Art Task

Can you illustrate the information you write for me with some pictures you have copied from your research.

I can't wait to find out what it is!!

The best news is your adults can now email me your work!!!!  It is only for adults to use but you can show me what you have been up to!  This means I don't have to wait until I see you next to find out what creature is slithering around in the garden!!  The email address your adults need is

Mums and Dads we aren't officially 'marking' the work but will give praise and some positive feedback.  This may not always be instant as we are setting work or at work but we will do it as quickly as we can.

Don't forget mathletics, TT Rockstars, Spelling Frame oh yes..........and enjoy the sunshine too!

Have fun!

From Miss Reid and Miss Rodell.



We hope you have had a lovely Easter break, even though we may not have had the same kind of holiday as normal. The weather was lovely and hopefully you were able to get out and about. 


Home learning will continue as normal with the addition of White Rose Maths.  They have introduced a home learning section with a video to explain the skill and then some questions and challenges around it.  This week can you please work through Summer Term Week 1.

The link is here:

If the link does not work for whatever reason, simply go to White Rose Home learning, year 2 week 1.  There is no differentiation so some children may need more support than others.  Please sit with your child as they work through these to make sure they are understanding what they are doing.

As normal, Spelling Frame and Mathletics will be updated weekly.  Hopefully you all still have your usernames and passwords.

English - Writing Activity

Hopefully you have been updating your diaries now and then!  Have you seen the barn owl webcam recently!  Over the Easter holidays, Mrs B (as she's known) has laid 5 eggs!  That's quite a lot so hopefully Mr and Mrs  B will be able to catch enough food to feed them all!  We are now waiting to watch the first egg hatch!

If you love nature like I do, also take a look at the Osprey webcam in Poole harbour!  Right now there is a little bit of drama going on as the female osprey (CJ7) has found her way to the nest but is waiting for her partner (LS7) to turn up!  I have been hooked watching to see if he arrives.  Fingers crossed!  

Here is the link:

All of these can be things you can talk about as you write your diaries.

Please keep adding to your diaries!


Reading Activity 

Reading Viper focus:

VIPERS reading strategy _ cartoon snake posters and images for ...

Learning Objectives:

To read the text and identify verbs and adjectives.

To talk about why different words were chosen to create different effects.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

The Tiny Seed - Audiobook | Listen Instantly!

It is Autumn.  A strong wind is blowing.  It blows flower seeds high in the air and carries them far across the land.  One of the seeds is tiny, smaller than any of the others.  Will it be able to keep up with the others?  And where are they all going?

One of the seeds flies higher than the others.  Up, up is goes!  It flies too high and the sun's hot rays burn it up.  But the tiny seed sails on with the others.

Another seed lands on a tall icy mountain.  The ice never melts, and the seed cannot grow.  The rest of the seeds fly on.  But the tiny seed does not go as fast as the others.

Now they fly over the ocean.  One seed falls into the water and drowns.  The others sail on with the wind.  But the tiny seed does not go as high as the others.

One seed drifts down on to the desert.  It is hot and dry, and the seed cannot grow.  Now the tiny seed is flying very low, but the wind pushes it on with the others.

Finally the wind stops and and the seeds fall gently down on the ground.  A bird comes by and eats one seed.  The tiny seed is not eaten.  It is so small that the bird does not see it.


Read this part of the story all the way through once.  Then read it again.  Can you find the verbs and adjectives that are in the text?  Why do you think the author used them? Can you find the verbs?  All of them?  

Extend your learning!

If you want to extend your learning, write out these sentences from the text, thinking of even better adjectives.

1. It flies too high and the sun's _________________ rays burn it up.

2. Another seed lands on a __________ and ____________mountain.

3. One seed drifts down to the desert.  It is ____________and _____________and the seed cannot grow.


Art Activity

Here is an illustration from the Tiny Seed.

Tiny Seed Canvas Wall Art | The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

If we were in school, we would try to recreate some of these illustrations by ripping bits off tissue paper to create the different textures and layers that these illustrations show.  I know at home some materials may be limited so......


Todays art challenge is to find some flowers in the garden and look at them.  Really look at them- what shapes are the petals, what shapes are the leaves?  Try to make a picture using tissue paper, chalk, paint, crayons, pencils or whatever you have.  


Have fun!!!  It's good to be back even remotely!  Stay safe,

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell





Please see below the letter from Mr Long regarding home learning over Easter:

4 April 2020

Home Learning Update


Dear Parents & Carers,

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing with your children at home - we know it has not been easy.  Please remember the activities set are suggestions and we understand that it is not always possible to complete everything. 

The school will not be setting home learning over the Easter holidays. However, we have created some fun activities you could complete as a family if you wish. You can download the ‘Holiday Activity Ideas’ document from your child’s class page. 

Home learning will continue from Monday 20th April.  You will be able to find activities to complete on the class pages of the website from this date. 

We would like to wish you a safe and restful holiday.

Best regards


Lawrence Long Acting Deputy Head 


Easter Holiday Activity Ideas

Fun activity ideas:

Let’s face it, we won’t be getting out much over the Easter holidays, so here are some ideas to keep you and your family entertained.


1. Great British Bake off – set a challenge to bake cakes, biscuits, ice them with a certain design and then have a judge decide who’s is the best.


2. Movie marathon – give each family member a job, make tickets, popcorn bags, posters. Turn it into a big event and then watch the movie together. Make it special and have fun.


3. Organise a bug hunt in the garden/when you go for a walk


4. Make dens – you could create chill-out zones where you can read a book together or alone.


5. Make a home movie or a play – get creative. You could write the script as a family, choose who will play each role and make costumes/set.

6. DIY science experiments -


7. Great British Lego Off – set a brief and a time limit and then get creative!


8. Make an inside obstacle course with cushions, pillows, boxes, chairs and blankets – you can set up races against each other or work together as a team to complete it.

9.  Make fruit kebabs – a fun way to have a healthy snack.


10. Scavenger hunt – set one up inside or outside and challenge the children and adults to find certain things. It could be based on colours, objects made from certain materials or objects used for certain things.


11. Make and play board games – children will learn a lot from playing board games but also love getting creative and make their own. 


12. Olympics – you can make flags, research countries and then set up different events. Assault courses, weightlifting using bags of sugar etc.


13. Come dine with me – you could get into teams and take it in turns to make dinner. You could create menus, entertainment and even a theme. 


14. Discover Easter around the world – research how different countries celebrate Easter. Where would you want to spend Easter?

15. Bug hunt competition -  


We know it won't be our usual type of Easter holiday but try to have lots of fun at home!  We will be back on Monday 20th April with some more home learning.  Children, parents and carers you have done an amazing job!  We know it isn't easy and appreciate all the effort you are putting in.


Best wishes for health and sunshine,

The Year 2 Team

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell, Miss Painter, Mr Spence, Mrs McKenzie, Mrs Taylor and                Miss Winkworth  

Friday 3rd April



The teachers who are in school today will be participating in fancy dress!  (I am in so will put a picture on here later!!)

 Good morning everyone.  We hope you enjoyed yesterday!  Not so sunny today is it, still make sure you get out in the fresh air and get some exercise!  It is fine to sit and watch TV and play Xbox games for a little while but fresh air, exercise and conversations with people in your house keeps your mind healthy and you less grumpy! 

There is a new thing to do to brighten up your walks - put your teddy bears in your windows and bring the book 'We are going on a bear hunt' to life!  How many teddy bears can you spot on your walk? Remember to stay safe and not get close to your friends if you see them out.

Google it with your adult if you want to find out more!  Miss Rodell and I have already done ours! 

If parents could spread the word too, lets see how many bears we can get around Lytchett, Upton, Hamworthy, Sandford and all around!


Well done Neve for making a beautiful nature picture, she was very clever and used a dog biscuit as a bow and called it a 'bone tie' for her flowers.

Also, well done to Zoey for finding all the combinations of colours for her rocket!  Great to see you all trying so hard.

English Activity

Learning Objective:  To publish a piece of work.

Success Criteria: To understand the features of non-fiction text

To create a glossary and a contents page.


All week we have been building to this moment of creating your information booklet.  We all know that a non-fiction text has a contents page and we are also going to create a glossary too.

So, to put your booklet together you need to write a contents page.  At the top you need the title 'Contents' and then write your sub headings and what page they are on so you will need to number your pages.  An information text does not need to be in order like a story so it is up to you the order of your pages.

You also need to write a glossary.  A glossary is key words from your book that you put in alphabetical order.  Next to each word you have to write a short description of what it means.

Key words that you might use: prey, hunt, owl, nocturnal, prey, nest, habitat

Your key words may vary depending on what you have written.  The glossary goes at the back of the booklet.

Now you are ready to put your booklet together:

1. Front Cover

2. Contents page

3. Pages in order

4. Glossary

5. Back cover (if you want to be posh! :-) )

Hey presto!  Your very own owl information book!



Reading Activity

Learning Objective:  To identify and find the key features of a non fiction text.

Success Criteria: To find non fiction texts.

To identify and read contents pages and glossaries.

So it's time to go on a hunt through your book shelf!  What non fiction texts can you find? Can you find the glossary (not all will have them) and contents page?  Choose your favourite book and read it to your adult.  Remember you can read it in any order so use the contents page and read the bits you know will interest you!

Happy Reading!


Maths Activity

We have been trying to steer clear of just putting links to things on here but I have just found this and it is lovely!  Work your way through as much or as little as you like!  Have fun!


Art Work

Add any more illustrations to your owl booklet when you have put it together if there are any gaps.

This will be last days work for a while as we are giving you a break for the Easter holidays.  We will be giving you some fun ideas of things to do you with your family so keep looking at this page!


Mrs McKenzie, Miss Winkworth, Mrs Taylor and Mr Spence all want to say hi too and tell you they are missing you all as much as we are!  Here's Mr Spence giving you all a wave!


Stay safe everyone and get those Teddies in your windows!


From Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and Miss Painter



Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Nightingales

Here's me at home with my dog Beans.  It's strange being at home and not at school with you all.  Beans enjoys his daily walks and he keeps me company while I set your home learning!  If you have a pet at home I bet they are enjoying seeing you every day! 

English Activity

To create a fact file on Barn Owls

Learning Objective: To plan what you are going to write.

Success Criteria: To research and write down key words.

To write in full sentences remembering full stops, capital letters and handwriting. 

Continue to research the barn owls.  Today your mini heading is 

Different Species of Owls

Here is a nice link to help you.



Reading Activity

Learning Objective:  To read for meaning.

Success Criteria:  To gather information.

To read to/with your adult your research for your owl booklet.  Try to read yourself, sounding out, re-reading to make sure the sentence make sense and asking your adult for help if you are unsure.

Also remember, you can be reading your books to your adults too.


Maths Activity

The next picture is for Mums and Dads!  No peeking children!!!

Art Activity

Design and make your Owl booklet front cover. You can decide on the title and how you want to set it out.  You can paint, draw, colour your owls in any way you want.  It is your booklet and you need to be proud of it.


We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy doing your learning.  Remember there are TT Rockstars, Mathletics and spellings you can be doing too.

Parents, if all this work is a little overwhelming, select activities you know are achievable.  You are all doing an amazing job.  Take care,

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and Miss Painter




Wednesday 1st April  

The first of April some do say,

Is set apart for All Fools' Day;

But why the people call it so

Nor I, nor they themselves, do know…

Fun activity should you wish to do it!  This is optional! - Find out why we have April Fool's Day!

OOOOOHHH!  How tempting was it to set you a crazy challenge as an April fool!  We won't though, we will be nice!

I hope you are enjoying our little barn owl project.  By Friday, you should have a lovely information booklet.

English Activity

To create a fact file on Barn Owls

Learning Objective: To plan what you are going to write.

Success Criteria: To research and write down key words.

To write in full sentences remembering full stops, capital letters and handwriting. 

Continue to research the barn owls.  Today your mini heading is 


We have been learning about habitats so you should be able to explain to your parents what it means.



Reading Activity

Learning Objective:  To read for meaning.

Success Criteria:  To gather information.

To read to/with your adult your research for your owl booklet.  Try to read yourself, sounding out, re-reading to make sure the sentence make sense and asking your adult for help if you are unsure.

Also remember, you can be reading your books to your adults too.



Maths Activity

Learning objective: To choose which operation to use

To explain my ideas to my adult


The answer was 10, what might have been the question?

So, challenge yourself!  How many ways can you use 10 using different operations?  Think number bonds, adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, fractions, halving doubling!!  Really go for it!!  

Please explain all your ideas to your adult!


If you want some art activities, add some illustrations to your owl booklet!

Have a lovely day.  Stay safe.

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and Miss Painter

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning everyone!  Hope you are all well, we are still missing you all.  The sun is still shining and we hope you are all still getting some fresh air.  I think everyone is getting fitter thanks to Joe Wicks!  Are you still exercising with him?  Has anyone managed a shout out yet?  We have many art activities lying in wait for a rainy day but while the weather is nice, we want you enjoying the sunshine.  


English Activity

Well, there's no egg yet is there!  Apparently last year they laid eggs in April so we may have to be patient.  Today we would like you to add to your barn owl fact file.  Use the links from yesterday or your own (remember to search barn owl facts for children so the facts can be read easily)

To create a fact file on Barn Owls

Learning Objective: To plan what you are going to write.

Success Criteria: To research and write down key words.

To write in full sentences remembering full stops, capital letters and handwriting.

Today we want you to add a page to your fact file.  The title for today is:

Hunting and Food

Remember to add illustrations to your page.  


Reading Activity

Learning Objective:  To read for meaning.

Success Criteria:  To gather information.

To read to/with your adult your research for your owl booklet.  Try to read yourself, sounding out, re-reading to make sure the sentence make sense and asking your adult for help if you are unsure.



Maths Activity

Have a go at this maths investigation.  Remember when you are working things out it is important to explain what you are doing and your thoughts behind your problem solving.

Parents, the next picture is for you.  No peeking children!!!  


Art Activity

Go into the garden and collect some nature.  Can you use these to create a picture?  Don't be picking your Mum and Dad's flowers!!  Use twigs, sticks, pebbles..... whatever you can find and that you are allowed to use.

Have a lovely day!  Be good for your adults!

Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and Miss Painter



Monday 30th March

Hello everyone!  Well, here we go for our second week of home learning!  

Well, this week's learning is going to be a little project that we will guide you through but one that you can take as far you like.  Do you remember in Reception watching the Barn Owl nest cam?  Like with everything in nature, things might not always have the outcome we want but is fascinating to watch!  The webcam became quite addictive to some people who watched the eggs hatch and the owlets growing.

Here is the link to the webcam

It is an amazing time to start watching the nest cam as there aren't even any eggs yet so we are right at the start of their journey!  I wonder who will be the first person to spot their first egg?


English Activity

To create a fact file on Barn Owls

Learning Objective: To plan what you are going to write.

Success Criteria: To research and write down key words.

To write in full sentences remembering full stops, capital letters and handwriting.


Here are some links to research barn owls.  We are going to create a fact file.  Each day we will give you something specific to research and that will be a page in your fact file.  At the end of the week, you can put the pages together to create an information booklet.  Today I would like you to have the heading:

What Barn Owls look like

So, do your research noting down key words you might want to use.  Then write them up in full sentences on one page.  Use illustrations to make your page more interesting.


Reading Activity

Learning Objective:  To read for meaning.

Success Criteria:  To gather information.

To read to/with your adult your research for your owl booklet.  Try to read yourself, sounding out, re-reading to make sure the sentence make sense and asking your adult for help if you are unsure.


Miss Painter is missing you all too and has set you a topic challenge for you to do.  Could you imagine what it must have felt like to be the first person to ever set foot on the moon!!

Topic Challenge:

Watch this video:

Imagine you went on a journey to the moon, design and write a postcard to Miss Rodell or Mrs Reid from your visit. Here is an example:


Remember also to keep up with mathletics and TT Rockstars!  We will be setting you some maths challenges on here too!  Watch this space! 

Have a lovely day!  Maybe we will see an egg in that next box before the end of the week!

Keep smiling everyone!

From Miss Reid, Miss Rodell and Miss Painter!





Good morning everyone.  Well, it has been a week of home learning now.  I hope you are enjoying it and mums and dads you are finding it ok.  If it is too challenging, cook with the children, weighing things out or setting them a little activity you know they will enjoy.  Please don't add guilt to the emotions we are already feeling at this time.  Today we are keeping it simple as there was a lot to do yesterday!

English Activity

LO: To write a sequel.

Success Criteria:  To write in sentences using story language.

To use words and phrases we have been practising all week.

Using the video you have been watching all week, write what happened to the little girl who found the bubbles at the end.  What happened?  Where did her bubble take her?  Did she leave the bubbles at the end for someone else on the beach who looked sad?  Who was it?  Remember it is fiction - anything can happen!  You can plan your story first if that helps you.

Extend your learning.......... Read your story to someone.  It can be to your mum, dad or phone someone in your family you know might be a bit lonely and read it to them!


Reading Activity

Choose a book you have at home.  Read it to, or with an adult and talk about it.  It can be one you already know.  Did you like it- why?  Who is your favourite character?  Which bit would you change?  What words do you think were good?  Were there any adjectives or verbs that you could do better.


OK, there is no challenge today!  just enjoy the sunshine and have fun!

Have a great weekend 

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell


Thursday 26th March

Morning everyone.  I hope you had a good day yesterday.  Did you build a den?  Did you add that to your diary?  Aren't we lucky with the weather!  Mums and Dads, you are doing great! 

English Learning today

Learning Objective: To write a story.

Success Criteria: To follow the sequence of the story.

To use all the vocabulary we have been practising the last few days.

Watch the video

As you are watching the video, talk out loud what is happening.  What can you see (setting) what is the character doing?  How is she feeling?  Using the lovely vocabulary you have been practising, can you write out the story in sentences.  If you have some paper, you could make it into a book.

Extend your learning.........Read your story to Grandma/Grandad or someone in your family that you can't see at the moment over the phone/Skype/FaceTime.  Make sure your Mum and Dad are OK with this first.  Illustrate your story.  You may need to play the video more than once to remember what the setting/character looks like.



Reading Activity

Keep reading other books too.  There are many online if you don't have any.  See your learning packs for links.


Today's Fun Challenge!

Get out into the Garden! How many signs of spring can you see?  Can you see buds forming on the trees, spring flowers, insects flying, birds collecting twigs?  How many mini beasts can you find enjoying the sunshine?  Remember if you remove anything from it's natural habitat you must look after it and put it back where you found it!

Here is a minibeast identification mat to help you name what you find!  Happy hunting!!


Hi everyone, here is your music lesson for today.  Miss Wells 

Year 2 Music Lesson 26.3.20

We have been thinking about pitch this term. Do you remember the pitch lines you drew for the crows this week?

Choose another animal – here are some ideas.



Bumble bee


Can you draw a pitch line for that animal? Remember not to make it too complicated!

Would it be high or low pitched?

Can you sing the pitch line or play it on an instrument?

Perform it to someone at home – does your sound match the picture?


Hi Year 2, here is your french lesson from Madame Markham

Year 2 French for Thursday 26th March

We have been looking at French shops especially la boulangerie (bakery). We found out some of the items they sell including croissant, pain au chocolat, éclair, baguette etc. Maybe the children might like to try eating some of these (if you can find any in the shops!!!).

For your French lesson, I would like you to imagine you are visiting a French market and you need to go to the fruit (les fruits)and vegetable (Légumes) stall.

Draw the stall and find out what at least five fruits and vegetables are called. Label your picture. You could find words using the internet (Google translate) or a French dictionary or vocabulary book if you have one at home. If you are using a translation website, please type in the word ‘a’ before the word so that you can find out if it is un or une. E.g. a banana = une banana.

Bonne chance et merci beaucoup!

Madame Markham


Wow!  That is a lot for one day!  I forgot it was Thursday and that it was french and music day too.  Please do not feel you have to do this all today- save some for a quiet time!

Will talk to you all again tomorrow.

Be good for your adults, stay safe.

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell

Morning Nightingales.  

Wednesday 25th March

We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunshine and are doing your home learning.  We are trying to keep it fun and will be building in some extra little challenges for you.  These might not be sit down, pen and paper activities but ones that will get you talking, cooperating and enjoying your time in your house and garden as we all need to stay at home now.  Please be good for your adults!

Keep up with your online learning too!  Well done for everyone who was on Mathletics, spelling Frame and TT Rockstars yesterday - we are looking every day at who has been logging on.  If you are struggling to log on, please see the paragraph on logging on below.


English work today

Learning Objective : To describe a character

Success Criteria: To write in full sentences using noun phrases  

(A noun phrase is using an adjective (describing word) to describe the noun (name of something)

To use inference.

(Inference is when you use clues such as expression, actions, body language and events in the story to make a judgement about something and where the text does not state it specifically) 

Watch Bubbles again and focus on the girl.

Can you describe the girl in full sentences? Are her feelings the same at the start of the film and at the end?  Remember when you are describing a character you can talk about what they look like and how they are feeling.  Build on the vocabulary you used yesterday and use adjectives to describe nouns you are talking about.  Remember our key word 'because' to back up your ideas.

Extend your learning...................  Using different coloured pencils, underline nouns, adjectives and verbs in your sentences. 

The sad, little girl wandered slowly because she was all alone. 

Can you see what adjectives, noun and verb I have used?



Little by Little is a story about a young otter called Scramble.  This is an extract from the beginning of the book.  Read it and answer the questions.  Remember to back up your ideas with explanations.  

Learning Objective: To make prediction based on what you already know.


Remember when you are at home for a long time, it important to exercise too.  Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE class for the children but get Mums and Dads joining in too!  It's amazing what a bit of exercise does for your well being and mental health.



As the weather is so beautiful - get outside!!  Build yourself a den that is big enough for 2 people to have lunch in!  Use an old sheet over a table, or over the washing line!  It doesn't have to be pretty - just fun!  You can take your reading books in there and read to your teddy!  Once it is built enjoy it and give your grown ups some well deserved peace!


Have a good day!

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning everyone!  I hope you enjoyed starting your diary yesterday!  Keep going!  You don't have to write much and it doesn't have to be done every day.


If you were at school on Friday, you coloured in a rainbow to put in your windows for people on the street to see.  I know Neve has already been spotting them in the village.  They are a sign to show others that you are thinking of them and they spread a little bit of happiness! You can also use them to give your walk a purpose - although please respect the social distancing advice if you are going outdoors.

Today we are starting with a quiz based on things we have learnt through our topics this year.  If your adult doesn't know the correct answer, you have to prove you are correct by researching it and proving you are right!  If you do not know an answer, look it up with your adult.  Good Luck!  There are some tricky bonus points to be had!



1.Which continent is China in?

2. Who else landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong?

3. What was the name of the captain of the Titanic?

4. Where was Titanic built?

5. How did they stop the fire spreading in 1666?

6. What Year did Titanic set off on it's maiden voyage from Southampton? 

Bonus points for date and month!

7. What year did the Great Fire of London start?

Bonus points for date and month!

8. What did Samuel Pepys bury in his garden?

Can you remember everything?

9. What did Lowry paint?

Bonus point for the name of the one you tried to copy!

10. We celebrated Chinese New Year!  What is the animal for 2020?

Bonus question!

11. What was the name of the Baker on Pudding Lane where the fire started?


English work today

Learning Objective : To describe a story setting.

Success Criteria: To write in full sentences using noun phrases.

(A noun phrase is using an adjective (describing word) to describe the noun (name of something)

Eg, The sad girl walked along the golden sand

Watch this video.

Today I would like you to watch this video all the way through and then watch it again.  Which setting do you like the best?  The beach?  In the air?  Underwater?

Pause the video at your favourite setting.  Think about how we described the setting in Tadpole's promise.  What adjectives can you use in your sentences?  Be creative- boring adjectives such as 'nice', 'big' etc are not allowed!

Think pink pen! Capital letters, full stops, handwriting, spellings!



Read a story today to, or with your adult.  Can you talk to your adult about the setting of the story.  What words has the author used to describe the setting?  Were your descriptions better? Why?  Talk about it!


As the weather is so beautiful make the most of it and now get outside! Fresh air and exercise is good for you!  Maybe you could help with some jobs in the garden!

Remember Mathletics, TT Rockstars and Spelling frame too!

Have a great day everyone.

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell


Every day, we will be updating this page with activities and challenges for the children to complete.  Whilst home learning will be different to learning at school we hope we will provide you with work that is easy to follow and will not cause battles at home.  Setting a routine every day will help so your child knows what is expected.  We will try to make it as fun as possible to avoid any unwanted battles!  We will add links to learning platforms as we go......we could add loads now but we really don't want to overload you all in one go.  English tasks will have a learning objective so you know what is the learning intention behind that activity.  Please also continue with mathletics, spelling frame and TT Rockstars.

        Are you missing usernames and passwords?

Usernames and password reminders were sent home in the home learning packs. However, If you are missing passwords for Mathletics, Spelling frame or TT Rockstars please email and we will send you usernames and passwords as soon as possible.

So Mums and Dads and carers, its over to you........ set boundaries and expectations and stick to them, praise your child - words mean far more than you think.  These are unprecedented times and whilst it can feel very uncertain and strange, try to enjoy this quality time with your child. 

With Very warmest wishes,

Jacqui Reid and Hannah Rodell




* Routine

It's not the summer holidays.  Keep bedtimes and mornings the same.

*Get prepared........the more you prepare, the less they'll pester!

Investing time in getting prepared will hopefully allow you some work time.

Have a jug with water in and plastic cups and healthy snacks they can help themselves to.

Set up 'work' stations for the children, books, colouring, drawing, lego, or things you know your child loves and will engage in.  If possible have 1 for each child to avoid squabbles. (not always easy I know!)

* Sit down with the children and set out ground rules and expectations.  Stick to them!  You may battle for a couple of days but will be worth it in the long run when they know you mean it.

Set a timer where the children know you are not to be disturbed.  Unfortunately 4 hours will not work!  Break it into small chunks.

Reward positive behaviour regularly - not with sweets, but 5 minutes of your time, a cuddle or a positive word.


Ok, so not all day but you don't need to add guilt to the stress of working from home. The BBC have talked about putting on some educational programmes.

* Burn off excess energy

As long as we are allowed outside, go to the park for half an hour.

Let the children play in the garden if it is a safe environment for them to be in alone.  (watch ponds) Set little challenges that will give you peace.  How many snails can you find, find 10 things that begin with 'd' etc......

These are just some ideas we thought might give you some peace!  It's a big adjustment for all of us!  Good luck!



Well here we go........

Monday 23rd March 2020

It is surreal that we are writing this!  Morning everyone!  We are missing you all already!

So today, we are keeping it simple!  Like we said in our home learning packs, these are interesting times!  So today you need to write day 1 of your diary.  Your learning objective is: to explain how you are feeling!  Are you feeling strange that we are telling you what to do from home?  Are you really excited that there is no school? Are you feeling a little strange that we aren't in school?  Are you missing seeing your friends?  Are you missing Miss Rodell going for a chat with Miss Reid?  When you are writing, imagine our pink pen is lurking!  Have you started your sentences with a capital letter, are you using your Year 1 and 2 spelling words?  (the list is in your learning packs) Have you used adjectives to describe how you are feeling?  Have you used verbs to tell us what you are doing?  Remember your handwriting too!  Tall letters tall and long letters long! See, even from home we expect lots! :-)

Please log on to Mathletics.  Miss Rodell has set you some tasks to complete today.  Also log on to TT Rockstars and practise your times tables.  If you are taking the TT Rocktars challenge KEEP GOING!!  We are doing so well and we were top of the table!

Have a lovely day everyone.  Although we now have no SATs to do, completing the practise papers we gave you in the packs will help you with your learning.  PLEASE be good for your mums and dads and do your work well.

Mums and dads.........this was written by a child in America!  Please don't stress, we know this is different to anything we have done before.......Keep your sense of humour.

Very best wishes,

Miss Reid and Miss Rodell


Meet the Team!

Recommended image size - 140x180 or with same ratio
Miss H Rodell
Class Teacher
Mrs C McKenzie
Teaching Assistant











This week we are looking at the lovely book The Tadpole's promise. The children will be writing their own versions of the story and we have used the book to discuss ife cycles of different animals. If you ask the children they will be able to tell you more , about this exciting read !

Image result for the tadpoles promise




Welcome back !

We hope you had a lovely October half term :)

This half term our topic focus is Everyday Heroes, we will be looking at important figures who help us in our everyday lives such as The Police, Doctors and of course The Fire Service. We will also look at historical Everyday Heroes such as Florence Nightingale. Keep a lose eye on our Class page for further updates of what we will be learning as we work up to Christmas. :) 

Image result for everyday heroes

Fire of London Day 18.10.19

We have had a fantastic day learning about The Great Fire of London :) We have made bread, created Tudor houses and were lucky enough to have a visit from The Fire Brigade. Thank you to the men of Poole Fire Station for visitng us and to Mrs Clinch for organising the visit. Check out some of our pictures from today. 


The Clock Tower 07.10.19

Over the past week we have enjoyed watching the short film The Clock tower as a part of our English lessons. The story follows a little girl who controls The Clock tower with a dress made from the clocks cogs but when she goes outside time stops! On Monday we wrote messages to the girl in the tower to cheer her up and sent them to her on balloons. Follow the link below to watch The Clock tower, your children will be able to tell you more about the story and what we have been learning in English.


Home Learning

Today you will all be recieving your log in information for mathletics, spelling frame and TT Rockstars. TT Rockstars and Spelling Frame will be set each Thursday for your child to complete, if you have any problems logging in or accessing the websites please let me know as soon as possible. 

 Follow the links below to log in to each of the websites.

The Great Fire of London

Welcome to Year 2! Our topic this half term is The Great Fire of London. Keep an eye out for updates about our Great Fire of London day, where we will be recreating some of the events from September 1666. 


Thank you to all of the parents that came to our meet the teacher meeting on Monday.  As requested, the powerpoint from the meeting and the VIPER style reading questions we spoke about are at the bottom of this page. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the Year 2 team.

Happy Reading!