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Home Learning 18.5.20


Please use the link and I will include what days to do and when in the table.

  1. Please go to
  2. Click on Summer Term Week 4. There is a change to the resources available. You will still be able to access the videos on these website, but the worksheets will be attached to the bottom of the page.
  3. I have also linked Mathletics (as best as I could!) to the same skill that they will be doing with White Rose.


White Rose




Lesson 1 - Area of rectangles


Area – Squares and Rectangles

Converting Units of Length


**/ ***

Are you ready?

Area – Squares and Rectangles

Converting Units of Length

Operations with Lengths



Lesson 2 - Equivalent fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Shading Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line

Shading Equivalent Fractions



Lesson 3 - Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa

What mixed number is shaded?

Mixed to Improper/Improper to Mixed

What mixed number is shaded?

Mixed to Improper/Improper to Mixed

Converting Mixed to Improper



Lesson 4 - Compare and order fractions less than one

Compare Fractions

Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line

Compare Fractions

Ordering Fractions



Friday Maths Challenge

Converting Mixed and Improper

Mixed and Improper on a Number Line

Converting Mixed and Improper

Mixed and Improper on a Number Line


Maths Challenge

* Long Division!

Watch the video here

Complete Long Division on Mathletics and use worksheets attached at the bottom to practise your new skills!


TTRockstars - Complete 5 games daily to keep your times table knowledge!


As we have finished Alice in Wonderland and Eye of the Storm, we have got a week to spend on a new week. We are going to be looking at......Matilda! We have a week's learning to do on this, with extra work on there that can be continued whenever. 

Online book:-

I know some of you may have read it and or seen the film, but we will be focusing on VIPERS to discuss our understanding of the text and language used.

The suggestion is to read a chapter a day and answer the VIPERS to do with that chapter.

Remember to always refer to the text to help you find the evidence to help you answer the questions. Try not to use the film to answer the questions - keep the answers about the text you have read.

Monday 18/05/2020:

Chapter 1: The Reader of Books

Read Chapter 1 then work through VIPERS questions

Tuesday 19/05/2020:

Chapter 2 - Mr Wormwood, The Great Car Dealer

Read Chapter 2 then work through VIPERS questions

Wednesday 20/05/2020:

Chapter 3 - The Hat and the Superglue

Read Chapter 3 then work through VIPERS questions

Thursday 21/05/2020:

Chapter 4 - The Ghost

Read Chapter 4 then work through VIPERS questions

Friday 22/05/2020:

Chapter 5 - Arithmetic

Read Chapter 5 then work through VIPERS questions

Activities based on Matilda that you can do alongside VIPERS:

  • Draw detailed pictures of the characters - can you capture their emotions in their face?
  • Can you write detailed descriptions about the characters?
  • Can you draw a comic strip for a chapter?
  • What questions would you ask the characters you have met in the book?
  • Can you act out the chapter to your family?
  • Can you research the author Roald Dahl?  Can you write a report/biography about him?  Or do a PPP about him?

You can continue reading the book over half term.  You can answer the VIPERS for the rest of the chapters or you can just enjoy the book. 
Extension Tasks:

When you finish reading the book - why don't you ask your parents if you can watch the film. Are there many similarities and differences? Which do you prefer? Why? 


Practise your spellings on Spelling Frame for 10-15 minutes a day and complete the test by Friday. You can practise any other spelling patterns that you feel you need to practise.

* - Endings which sound like /ʃən/, spelt –tion, –sion, –ssion, –cian (2 of 2)

hesitation, injection, invention, magician, mathematician, musician, permission, politician, tension

** / *** - Words ending in –ant, –ance/–ancy, –ent, –ence/–ency (2 of 2)

independence, independent, innocence, innocent, obedience, obedient, observance, observant, substance, tolerance, tolerant


Have a look at the Daily PE Ideas (see document below) which has daily ideas for Fun Fitness Activities, Challenge or Compete, and Active Learning and Well-Being. There are a variety of links on there to take you to lots of different ideas. 


PE Weekly Challenge

Week 3 - Around the Sock

Weekly PE Challenge - can you compete with your family to see who can achieve the best? Look at the document attached: Challenge 3 - Around the Sock

Please send pictures or videos to Miss West ( so we can create a montage of our skills to put on the website.


I know how so many of you love doing science experiments. As we are surrounded by so many rainbows at the moment, I have found loads of experiments involving colour. If you would like to do any of these, please ask your parents before you use up any valuable resources or sharp tools. Watch all the experiments first with a parent and choose which you'd like to try. Take lots of photos or just enjoy watching the colours come to life!


Oddizzi World Explorers: Physical Features (see attached document below)

Work through the booklet to develop your understanding on what physical features are. This will link to one of our topics after half term. 


Espresso Coding: Complete Year 5, Unit 5a

Speed, Direction and Coordinates

Click “Login” and select “Espresso” or "Espresso Coding"

Username: student10871

Password: lmps123


Thank you Key Workers Colouring In Sheet (see attached document below) designed by the very talented Miss Coombs.

Leaf Art

Can you make animals out of leaves?

Challenge to create an animal just using leaves when you go out for your walk.  If you are struggling, you can use stones, twigs, flowers, seeds etc… too.  If you want to use googly eyes please do!

Watch this video for inspiration

You can use the framed paged below to frame your leafy creature creations!

Further challenge:  Can you create a whole scene?


Please see attached document below.


Please see attached document below.