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English Homework

Week beginning 7th December

Please continue with Spelling Frame.  This week, the children will be doing their writing from The Polar Express.  We will be writing and reasoning with Santa as to why we deserve the first gift of Christmas.  The children will also be writing recounts of being on the train.  Hopefully this will provide purposeful, yet exciting writing opportunities for Christmas.


Week beginning 30th November

Please continue with spelling Frame.  I have also attached the Year 1 and 2 words that some people have requested.  You will find them at the bottom of the class page.


Week beginning 23rd November

The children have been practising their phonics and will sit the phonic screener test soon.

At the bottom of the class page, I have attached 2 practise papers for you to try.  Remember, sound the word out and then blend it together.  c-a-t, cat.


Week beginning 16.11.20

Please continue with Spelling frame.  I can see an improvement with spelling, so keep up the good work.

Well done to all of thr children who are reading at home. It is lovely to read all of the comments in the home reading logs.  :-)  Little superstars!


Week beginning 2.11.20

Please continue with spelling frame.  I have also attached the year 1 and 2 common spellings the children need to learn should you want extra.

Thank you so much for all of you who are reading at home too.  It makes the world of difference to the children's confidence and ability.

Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2 Word Mat | Spelling words, Year 2  spelling words, Year 1 spelling words

Week beginning 19.10.20

Spelling Frame is looking at Year 2 common exception words.  Pick out the ones that your can do. They are harder. After half term, we will be looking at spelling patters.

Please keep reading with your child.


Week beginning 12.10.20

Continue with spelling Frame. Remember the spellings can also be practised on paper, in sand, in pen, crayon, with chalk outside.  Can you spot the words you are learning in your reading books at home? 


Week beginning 5.9.20

Continue with Spelling Frame.  The children are working through Year 1 and Year 2 Common words.


Week Beginning 28.9.20

Please continue to practise the new spellings on spelling frame.  We are very quickly working through Year 1 spellings as we know that a lot were missed through lockdown.  If your child is struggling, try to make it visual and break it up into manageable chunks.  Remember to take the test by next Monday. 


Week Beginning 21.9.20

Please us your login to access Spelling Frame.  Your spellings for this week should be there for you to practise.  Please make sure you take the test so this registers your score and that you have been learning your spellings.

Just like all home learning, it does not all have to be practised online.  Practise in the bath with pens that write on the tiles, paint the words, find the words in a book you are reading, make the words out of playdough, make up silly sentences containing the words you are learning.

Have fun!