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Community & Parent Workshops

Early Help and Pastoral – Drop in Sessions

We would like to introduce ‘Shelley White’ who is our school Early Help Link Worker.  Shelley works closely with the school to support our children and their wider families, for lots of different reasons. 

‘Early Help’ describes any service that supports children and families in times of need.  Examples of Early Help services may include parenting support, signposting to play and activity groups, emotional health and well-being support, communication and language support amongst other things. 

This service enables us to work collaboratively to continue providing the most appropriate support for you and your child as best we can. 

Shelley would like to offer some ‘open-invitation’ drop-in sessions alongside our school Pastoral Care Worker Mrs Kate McGrail.  These will occur the last Monday of every month.    

The first session will be held on Monday 30th January from 2.00-3.15pm in the school Music Studio. Please feel free to drop in if you have any concerns or would like to find out more. 

A full list of our ‘Early Help & Pastoral drop in’ session dates: 

  • Monday 30th January 2023
  • Monday 27th February 2023
  • Monday 27th March 2023
  • Monday 24th April  2023
  • Monday 22nd May 2023
  • Monday 26th June 2023
  • Monday 17th July 2023

When you arrive, Kate & Shelley will be there to meet you. 

Mrs Kate McGrail                                Shelley White

Pastoral Care worker                          Early Help Family Worker