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Butterfly - YEAR 1

 Meet The Team:- 


Mr Taylor
Class Teacher
Mrs Hendes
Teaching Assistant
Miss Rees
Teaching Assistant





Welcome to Butterfly Class page!


Welcome to the Butterfly Class

The Butterfly class has already made a great start to the year, and it has been wonderful listening to each child share stories about their Summer holidays. We have had fun exploring activities based upon The Colour Monster over the week and learning all about Year 1 and our new class. We have done lots of whole class activities and have begun to complete independent tasks demonstrating great resilience and can-do attitudes. It's going to be a fantastic year together!


Autumn A so far.....

We have been having a great time in the Butterfly class so far this half term. We have been covering Owl Babies in English and have managed to make some wonderful missing owl posters. The children are really working hard to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. In Maths, we have been looking at place value to 10 and consolidating our number knowledge and knowing how to work with these numbers fluently. In Science, we have been looking at our bodies and what parts of our bodies are used for. In Art, we have focused on developing our drawing skills, looking at the use of colour, tone and line.


Spring B 


Wow this year is flying by, and we have been so proud of the achievements being made in Year 1. Recently we had a visit from Animals2U, and we got to meet two, Millipedes, a Snake, two Geckoes and two cheeky Ferrets. The children had a great time, and we were really proud of the children being brave enough to hold, touch and experience these animals.

We also had great fun on World Book Day and loved seeing all the children in their wonderful outfits (thank you for all your efforts). We had great fun sharing stories with Year 5 in the afternoon.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from the life van and had a workshop delivered to us based on Mental Health that was wonderfully aimed at Year 1. We got to meet Harold and had great fun helping him unpack his bag of emotions that were making him feel upset.  

This half-term we have also been using paint in Art and have been learning all about primary colours, secondary colours, and warm and cool colours. We have also been learning to set up our own paint stations and how to use the tools in an effective and artistic way.





Remote Learning Day 1

Welcome to the first day of remote learning.

Day 1 will include;


Today we would like you to encourage your child to write some 'I can see' sentences. They have previously done this activity but will apply their writing skills to this different context. They will start their sentence by writing 'I can see' and will then complete that sentence by sounding out (don't forget to encourage 'Fred Fingers') different things that they can see.  Your child might like to do this whilst looking through a book and then writing about what they can see in the pictures. In this activity we would focus on using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and sounding out words phonetically even if they aren't spelt correctly - encourage the children to look for 'Special Friends', do 'Fred Talk' and then 'Read the Word'. 


Below are the links to two different videos to watch. 

Set 2 Lesson 1 Video

Set 3 Lesson 1 Video

Your child can also continue to read their Read Write Inc books that they have brought home with them.


Below is a link to a video focusing on 2D shapes. It will introduce your child to 2D shapes and model sorting them in relation to their properties.  Fun activities for your child at home may include doing a 2D shape hunt around the house or drawing a picture using 2D shapes such as a house or a flower.  Please click on the link below:

Y1 Autumn Block 3 TS4 Sort 2D shapes on Vimeo


Story time

For story time, please click on the following link provided below.  Today's story will be;

Stuck | Oliver Jeffers Book | In-Stock - Buy Now | at Mighty Ape NZ

This is the link ----->  Bing Videos


To get you moving today, we have a short workout with Joe Wicks; 5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

and then some Yoga; Arnold the Ant | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube


Our final activity of the day focusses on letter formation. Below is a picture that shares the formations with you alongside their accompanying rhymes.  You can type in read, write inc letter formations rhymes to find these if you wish to view them in a larger format.

1000+ images about Preschool Alphabet on Pinterest | The alphabet ...