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7th May 2020

Home learning for 7th May

Good morning Kingfishers. A reminder that we will not be setting home learning tomorrow because it is a bank holiday.

Here is our suggested timetable for today’s activities.

9am- Physical Education
9:30am- Quick break/ drink
9:45am- Maths- White Rose lesson and Mathletics activities
10:45am- Break/drink/snack 
11:00am- English Activities – Writing and editing
12:00- Lunch
1.00pm- Foundation subject: French and Music

2:00pm- TT Rockstars – complete the sessions set today
3.00pm – Story time with David Walliams

Daily learning Activities for 7th May 2020

1. PE with Joe Wicks –complete today’s workout. It is live from 9am or available to replay later in the day!

2. Maths task 1 - White Rose Maths 

How to access White Rose as activity:

* Please go to
* Please click on Summer term – Week 1
You will see Lesson 4 – Order fractions. This is today’s lesson.
* First, watch the video – you will need to have your sound turned on!
* Just watching the video is great! However, if you are ready please click on Get the Activity. This will download a worksheet to complete. You can either print this to complete or you can just discuss with an adult.
* Finally, click on Get the Answers to check how you did!

3. Maths task 2 - Mathletics – 
I have set some new activities for you to complete on multiplication and division.
Once this has been completed spend 15 minutes playing in live mathletics (you can access this by pressing the green button on the home screen)

4. Maths task 3 - TT Rockstars -
Complete the sessions set for you. This is now set to 20 sessions a day. How many could you complete today?

5. English task 1 - Spellings –
This week's spellings are now live. Try some of the games on the website to help you learn your spellings and then take a test. How many did you score?  I will be giving out virtual credits for those super spellers and Rockstars too.

6. English Task 2- Now by now you will have a really interesting letter to Captain Tom telling him about the things you have enjoyed, most proud of and you have missed.

Today's job is to check for sense, (read it through to yourself) and check for spellings with an adult.  Then you can write it out using your neatest handwriting.  

Challenge: Create a certificate or medal for Captain Tom congratulating him on his achievements.  If you have a gold pen you might like to use that.

7. English Task 3- Read the Star Wars game description (at the bottom of this page named Stars Wars report) twice through so you understand it.  Ask an adult if you don't know what some of the words mean.  

Find the features of this game description- that means what goes into writing a report like this.  For example, it has a clear main title and technical language, can you spot the technical language?  This means the words that describe the game and you would only find in a report like this-like multiple levels.

8. French and music – Madam Markham and Miss Wells have set some fantastic work for you to complete! (attached at the bottom of the page)

9. Storytime- Listen to David Walliams read