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27th March 2020

Home Learning

Hello Kingfishers,

Daily learning for 27th March 2020

  1. Maths Task 1 - please complete up to  1 hour on Mathletics  (
    We have set new tasks in mental addition and subtraction.

  2. Maths Task 2 - complete the sessions set on TT Rockstars (
  3. English Task 1 - spend 15 minutes on Spellingframe games then take a practice test (

Well done to those who have been working very hard on your TT Rockstars, Mathletics and Spellingframe- keep up the great work! 

There are still a few who have yet to attempt any of the tasks - remember most of the tasks set you should be able to do without an adult, so please try and have a good go!

4. English Task 2- I would like you to have a look at the webcams in the Rockhopper penguins enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo  Imagine you are of those penguins- you may be sat on your nest or having a swim because you got too hot in the sun.

Could you write a diary entry in the day of a Rockhopper penguin at the zoo?

It needs to :

  • be written in 1st person (I, we)
  • in past tense (we had, I past)
  • have capital letters and full stops
  • be no more than 7 sentences

Don't worry if you are finding it tricky to do some of the online tasks, you could use hit the button website for times table practice

We have given you lined paper in your Home Learning packs for your English tasks so try using your pen (if you haven't got your licence yet) or try different coloured pens or pencils.