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22nd April

Home Learning

Hello Kingfishers

Don't forget to look at our home learning pages and I'm very excited to say that you can now send me in any work you are proud of for me to see!  Although I will not be able to mark it as said in the letter sent to your homes but I will love looking at what you have been doing and send you a message back.

Please send any super duper work to

Good morning.

Here is our suggested timetable for today’s activities.

9am- Physical Education
9:30am- Quick break/ drink
9:45am- Maths- White Rose lesson and Mathletics activities
10:45am- Break/drink/snack 
11:00am- English Activities – Writing and reading
12:00- Lunch
1.00pm- Foundation subject: Music and French
2:00pm- TT Rockstars – complete the sessions set today
3.00pm – Story time with David Walliams visit Maybe tidy up your bedroom! 

Daily learning Activities for 22nd April 2020

1. PE with Joe Wicks –complete today’s workout. It is live from 9am or available to replay later in the day!

2. Maths task 1 - White Rose Maths

How to access White Rose as activity:

* Please go to
* Please click on Week 1 (Not Summer - Week 1)
You will see Lesson 3 – Tenths. This is today’s lesson.
* First, watch the video – you will need to have your sound turned on!
* Just watching the video is great! However, if you are ready please click on Get the Activity. This will download a worksheet to complete. You can either print this to complete or you can just discuss with an adult.
* Finally, click on Get the Answers to check how you did!

3. Maths task 2 - Mathletics – 
I have set some new activities for you to complete.

4. Maths task 3 - TT Rockstars
Complete the sessions set for you.

5. English task 1 - Spellings –
This week's spellings are now live. Try some of the games on the website to help you learn your spellings and then take a test. How many did you score?  I will be giving out virtual credits for those super spellers and Rockstars too.

6. English Task 2- Writing. I can’t wait to see what amazing adjectives you have used to describe your whale and your person for your stories.  Now here’s the fun bit, we will use the adjectives to create sentences describing your characters.  In some books, they like to out the character description at the start to give the reader a really clear idea of what types of people or animals they are.

I would like a minimum of 4 sentences describing the whale and your person.  For example,  The beady, glassy and minute eyes of the whale would look at you with a sinister stare.

The black, scruffy and tangled mop of hair was the boy’s favourite part of himself-he never lets his mum brush it EVER.

7. English Task 3- Reading. Read Chapter 1 of Fantastic Mr Fox, I have attached a copy of this at the bottom of this page or you may like to read it online visit

Once you have done that, print it out and using your favourite colour (mine would be red) underline all the adjectives that describe the farmers.  Then using a different colour underline all the prepositions in another colour (I would choose purple). You could discuss if you have no printer.

CHALLENGE: Can you find any other words that have important jobs? Verbs? Pronouns?

PS. If you don’t have a printer, write adjectives, prepositions and any other important words out on a piece of paper.

8. Music and French. The Music lessons and French lessons are available as downloads in the documents below.

9. Story time with David Walliams visit