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Fantastic Year 6 complete the SATs! 

The second week of May is always a busy one in any Year 6 calendar and this year was no exception! 

Monday 8th May marked the start of Year 6 SATs week. Despite the obvious highlights including: Mr France's annual wake and shake dance spectacular; breakfast club; and the occasional extended breaktime, all the year 6 children worked extremely hard to complete their tests to the best of their abilities. 

Throughout the grueling week the children's spirit and attitude was outstanding. On behalf of all the staff involved we would like to once again congratulate the Year 6's on the hard work, positive attitude and resilience shown throughout the week. 

You made yourselves and us all very proud. Well done Year 6! 


10 Top Tips to Smash the SATS by Ocean Tee, Year 6

After years of hard work, this week the year 6 are taking the SATS.  The test include: reading, spelling, grammar and maths.  Let's face it - everyone hates the SATS but we are ready.  Our teachers have prepared us and they believe in us.  Here are some top tips to smash the SATS!

1. First, always be prepared to listen and learn in class.

2. Next, practise some tests beforehand that your teacher gives you.

3.  If I were you, I would get lots of sleep and go to bed early before the tests.

4. Then, you should eat a good and healthy breakfast - it is essential that you have enough energy.  Come to the Wake and Shake breakfast club before tests and fill up!

5. Show Mr France, who loves to dance, your amazing dance moves at the Wake and Shake.

6.  Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day to keep hydrated.

7.  Don't stress or panic; take deep breathes and stay calm.  Believe in yourself!

8. It is important that you get fresh air and exercise.

9.  Check your pencil is nice and sharp - as Mrs Dominey says, 'A sharp pencil equals a sharp mind!'

10.  Finally, smash the SATS!  Do your best and give 100%.


Overall, the SATS are just a bunch of tests - they're not everything.  They don't tell you if you're kind or funny or if you're good at sports and music.  Your teachers, friends and family know you are worth so much more - so just do your best!