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World Maths Day!

10.03.17 - Today was a fun packed event from start to finish with lots of different activities to celebrate World Maths Day.  Our focus was arithmetic and there was a magical wizarding theme to the day.  Here is some of what some year groups got up to...

Year 1: had a superb day finding out and solving lots of problems using their adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing skills. They played lots of games and challenged each other in a Cheerio subtraction challenge.  They played 'hook a duck number bonds' and found all the number bonds to 10 and 20.  They skillfully knocked down skittles to help with subtraction and played multiplication madness to test our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The children were amazing!

Year 3: Quidditch Quiz Quest in the hall - teams had to answer questions, then grab their wizard's hat, hop on a broom and zoom off to collect a Quidditch ball - the team with the most balls at the end won!  Times Table Treasure Hunt - who would be first to work out the answers, find them dotted around the hall and match them up with the letters?  the children loved working in pairs to solve this challenge.  The Cauldron Challenge - children huddled together over their cauldrons in teams of 4 or 5 to work out the answers and win potions to add to their cauldrons.  Spellbinding Games - in the afternoon, the children were challenged to create their own arithmetic based board games which they then got to play with Year 4!  They were all very engrossed in this activity and planned, designed and created the rules together - well done Year 3!

Year 4: have enjoyed doing lots of fun maths activities, games and challenges throughout their wizard themed World Maths Day.  They competed in teams in a cauldron competition, enjoyed a very active 'Quidditch Quiz Quest' in the hall, and also made our own board games. We then shared these with children from Year 3! 

Year 6: joined with the whole school as they celebrated World Maths Day; we went off timetable and spent an entire day engaged in maths activities.  Y6 started the morning going shopping - they had five shops set up in the classroom from a dinosaur shop to a toy shop all run and managed by the children.  Other children were then given money to go shopping.  Addition, subtraction and place value were all being used as children had to add up purchases, subtract change and then work out any discounts or special offers using their percentages!  Shopkeepers and shoppers swapped roles so everyone had a chance to try both sides of the till.  After break, Y6 moved into using mutliplication and division as they solved a 'Bake Off' challenge.  The children then used their maths skills in a 'real life' activity as they worked out the ratio and proportion of a recipe for Fairtrade crispy cakes.  In the afternoon, Y6 completed a 'Sweetie' Challenge - using midget gems to explore the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages.  The whole day proved that maths is great fun - especially when you get to eat your learning!