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Puffin - YEAR 4



Welcome to Puffin Class 2017 -18


'Running Wild'

To link to our Rainforests topic, we have started reading Michael Morpurgo's 'Running Wild', which is set in an Indonesian rainforest. This lovely book is an emotional read at times, but we are already really enjoying reading it and looking forward to finding out more about the plot!



We have started the new topic of 'Rainforests' this term, and already we are really enjoying it! So far we have found out about the different layers of the rainforest, researched the animals that live there, and made clay models of a rainforest animal.









Egyptian Exhibition

Thank you so much to all of the parents and family members who were able to attend our Egyptian Exhibition - the childen loved showing their dances and their brilliant projects! Also, a huge thank you for all of the support in making these projects at home. They are some of the best we've seen in Year 4!

The children have loved studying the Egyptians, and this exhibition showed that. Hopefully they will enjoy our next topic, Rainforests, just as much!


World Book Day

We had a lovely World Book Day! We spent the morning in the library, learning about how to find different types of books and exploring some of the books that the library has available. Then, we continued celebrating reading by completing a fun activity about our current book, Boy Overboard.

The children's outfits were incredible, and I hope they enjoyed the day as much as we all did!


Football Festival

We were very lucky to have students from Corfe Hills School come in to run a football festival with Year 4. The morning consisted of two football tournaments, all run by the students themselves, with penalty shoot outs at the end to decide which team in each tournament won.


Pyramid Challenge

This week we had a go at building our own pyramids out of lego - and we were surprised to find that it's harder than it looks!


'Healthy Me' Week

Have a look at what we've been up to during our 'Healthy Me' week!

Day 5












Day 4










Day 3


Day 2










Day 1










Daily Mile!


Birds of Poole Harbour Boat Trip

We had a lovely time on our boat trip around Poole Harbour!

On Monday, Marcus from the charity came to talk to us about the wildlife we might be able to see, and the huge range of bird species that live in the Harbour. The pupils had lots of great questions for him!

Then, on Tuesday morning, we set off in the glorious sunshine. When we got on the boat, the children were each given a pair of binoculars and we headed upstairs. As we passed the various islands, we saw cormorants, spoonbills, sika deer, black-tailed godwits and even a seal! It was very windy and cold but the children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout.

Huge thanks to the parent helpers and to the Birds of Poole Harbour Charity for making this wonderful trip possible!




We had the first lesson of our new Science topic yesterday - electricity - and we enjoyed exploring and making circuits! First, we made working circuits, and then we tested whether a circuit was complete or incomplete by seeing whether or not the bulb would light.


Egyptian Drama Day

We had a brilliant day with Ben from the Treehouse Theatre Company! The children's outfits were incredible, and they really enjoyed the day. First, we had an assembly where Ben (who led the day) explained how the day would be organised. Then, some children completed Egyptian-themed activities in the classroom, whilst one group at a time were allocated parts and rehearsed their act with Ben. In the afternoon, the whole of Year 4 then gathered in the hall to perform each act in turn which created the final play - 'The Egyptians: History's Greatest Mystery'. Well done Year 4 for a fantastic performance!




Orange Mummification

We opened up our oranges last week to see how the mummification process was going - and we were pleased with our simulated results! The orange skin had gone darker, much harder, and was very dry. Have a look below!



Ancient Egyptians

We are really enjoying our new topic of 'Walk Like an Egyptian' this half term. So far we have used atlases and Google Earth to consider the geography of Egypt, have thought about what daily life was like for Egyptian people, and recently have learnt about our favourite topic so far - mummification! We first tried wrapping each other in bandages in 'The Mummy Challenge', and then even had a go at the different (very gory!) stages of mumification by mummifying oranges! We're going to leave our oranges, who all had names and back stories, for a few weeks, and then we'll see if the mummification process has worked. We look forward to posting more photos then!




Have a look at what we've been up to in PE this half-term!














Happy New Year!

We hope you've had a lovely restful break and are excited about the new term ahead.

Parents, please be aware that there have been some changes to our timetable. The main one that you need to be aware of is that we will now have PE on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting this Monday (8th January).

Please find an updated timetable below.




Have a lovely Christmas break, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!


Our Design & Technology Sewing Projects

Thank you so much to the parents and family members who came in to help with our sewing projects, and to anyone who helped the children practise at home. They really enjoyed designing and making their purses, and the finished products were really lovely! 



What did the Romans ever do for us?

During our Assessment week, Puffin class worked really hard on researching information about how the Romans changed Britain, and then presenting their findings through models, posters, dramas and more! They have really enjoyed learning about this topic, and have learned a lot over the last term!



Children in Need

Well done Year 4 for some fantastic costumes, and for raising so much money for a brilliant cause.


Roman Mosaics

We have really enjoyed creating mosaics in our Art lessons this week. Have a look at our wonderful designs!








Anti-Bullying Week

Last week was national 'Anti-Bullying Week'. We enjoyed using the Pixar short film 'For the Birds' in our English lessons to consider what constitutes bullying, discuss how the actions of the different characters would make each other feel, and wrote excellent letters to the main bully to persuade him to stop bullying.



We have continued our Romans topic by learning all about Boudicca's rebellion against Roman rule. 

First, we pretended to be Celts sitting around a campfire, debating whether we should rebel. Then, we linked this to our English lessons by writing a persuasive speech that Boudicca could have used to inspire her fellow people to rise up and fight.

I was really impressed by the quality of writing that was produced, and how confidently some of the children performed their speeches.

Well done Puffins!


Learning about our teeth!

Our science topic this half-term is 'Food, Glorious Food!', so we are learning all about our digestive systems and our teeth.

Last week, to introduce us to the topic of our teeth, we went out and picked some apples from the school apple trees. We then thought about the different teeth we were using to eat our apples, and decided that all of ou teeth must have different purposes as it was very difficult to eat apples with just our front teeth!


Roman Invasion of Britain

This week, we are learning all about why the Romans invaded Britain, and will be writing a newspaper report about this event in our English lessons.

To help our understanding of the key events, we did some more role-play - the children Puffin class seem to really enjoy drama and acting! We had a Roman drummer who helped to keep the Roman legionaries rowing in time, Celts who showed some fantastic facial expressions when the Romans arrived, and some very talented narrators who explained what was happening. Well done Puffins - I look forward to reading your newspaper reports!


Roman Shields

Thank you very much to all of the parents who came in to help the children design their Roman shields. The resulting shields were very impressive, and the children loved painting them!

We also loved going out on to the playground and marching around as Roman legionaries. We managed an impressive 'testudo' (tortoise) formation, and even learned some simple Latin commands!



Welcome back!

Welcome back Puffin class of 2017-18! We hope you've had a great summer and are looking forward to the year ahead.

Please find our timetable for the year below.



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