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Osprey - YEAR 5

Ancient Greek Drama Day

We had a fantastic day with Treehouse Theatre Company learning about War and Peace in Ancient Greece.

Hidden Figures

For our next Reading into Writing Topic, we are looking at Hidden Figures, written by Margot Lee Shetterly. We became members of NASA where we discuss what we already knew and what we would like to find out about the Space Station. 

Watch this 'space' for more work!

Osprey Play Leaders

Here are the Play Leaders from Osprey class. We have had to apply for these roles and we are very excited to start them!


Osprey Bronze Ambassadors

Here are the new Bronze Ambassadors from Osprey class. We have had to apply for these roles and we are very excited to start them!


This half term, we have been doing football in our PE lessons with Miss West. We have been practising dribbling, passing, shooting, tricks and turns, and defending. we are looking forward to playing matches against each other. 



This term, we are going swimming!

Meet the Teacher

We had a lovely afternoon when our parents came in to meet Miss West. They were able to have a look around the classroom and join us in making a Greek pot. 

Meet Shelly

In Osprey, we are proud to sponsor a hawksbill turtle. We researched and created a fact file about these turtles and why they are in danger. 

Did you know, hawksbill turtles go back to the same beach where they hatched to lay their own eggs?

Class Charter

We created our Class Charter, which we will follow throughout the school year, to make our classroom have the best learning environment.

 Our Dreams

We created dream jars where we wrote our dreams for the year and the future. We even added glitter to some of them, to add an extra bit of sparkle!

Friendship Recipe

We created a friendship recipe where we designed a poster to explain what ingredients are needed for a good relationship.

Collaboration Challenge

We were set the challenge of trying to make the strongest bridge only using 3 pieces of paper. We had to work together and test the strength of our bridges. One bridge was able to hold a pot of paint!

Summer Projects

We shared our Summer Projects that we made over the summer holiday. Everyone put a lot of effort into them and we all had a lovely summer.

Meet Osprey Class

We would like to introduce the new Osprey class! We have had an amazing first day at school and we cannot wait to see what the year brings. 

We hope you enjoy Year 5 and learn lots too.

Key Dates

Swimming - starts on the 17th September for 10 weeks-last date 26th November 2019

Greek Drama Day - Wednesday 16th October 2019 (Greek dress required)

Star gazing evening - 21st November 2019 6pm-7pm

Pantomime – Wednesday 18th Dec 2019

Lulworth Cove - June 2020 - date to be confirmed

Meet the Osprey Team

Recommended image size - 140x180 or with same ratioRecommended image size - 140x180 or with same ratio

          Miss S West                               Mrs K Farwell 

         Class Teacher                           Teaching Assistant