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ECO Team

Mrs B Harvey
ECO Team Leader


Welcome to the Eco Club Team 2019!! What a fantastic bunch we have this year!

We have many plans to use the school grounds to grow some super tasty treats along with planting our very own trees!!  We are keen to get 'green fingered' and do as much as we can to reuse, recycle and generally have fun doing it.

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life. Eco-Schools can help enhance the curriculum and get the whole school united behind something important.

The Eco-Schools mission is to help make every school in the country sustainable and to bring about behaviour change in young people and those connected to them so that good habits learned in schools are followed through into homes and communities.

At Lytchett Matravers Primary School, we are currently working towards our 'Green Flag' status!


Eco Club begins a new year!



On Wednesday the 30th of January, Anneka Schofield and Emma Stephens from the RSPB visited our school to help us complete a Big School Bird Watch.

We started the day with a whole school assembly, where we learnt about the different types of birds that we might see, and how to recognise them. We learnt about different feather colours and patterns, different types of beaks and even the different shaped feet! We also discovered that every type of bird has a very unique bird call and we listened to these very carefully so that we could identify them our selves. We soon discovered that it was easy to identify the smaller birds by the higher pitches and that some had very unique sounds that almost sounded like words, such as the ‘teacher, teacher’ song by the great tit! Within no time at all we were ready for our bird watching activities.

One by one, each year group went out armed with clipboards, Bird ID tally charts and binoculars to discover what birds were visiting LMPS. Even though it was a cold day, the sun was shining and the birds were all busy singing and looking for food. We were astonished to discover how many different species of birds we could find. We managed to see:

Robins, blackbirds, great tits and blue tits, magpies, pigeons, house sparrows, starlings and even some gold finches!

Who knew the grounds around our school were so full of birds! Once we stopped to listen to the bird song, we realised how very many different birds were singing in our trees!

To encourage some more birds to visit in the afternoon, the Eco Team helped out by creating some bird feeders at lunch time. It was a sticky business – but lots of fun!

Thank you RSPB for helping us have such a brilliant day!